An Inside Look at Sister Wives and its Owners

Dec 21 '2020, 7:28 PM | By Chris

When we started Sister Wives as in the beginning of 2008, we started it as a side project. We noticed that they did not have any poly sites out there, just a few forums, and that was it. Robyn and I were primarily doing affiliate marketing full time. We were pretty surprised to see how fast Sister Wives was growing and how much hunger there was for a site like ours.


And since 2010, we have worked pretty endlessly on the site. Many hours of SEO and development went into Sister Wives to make it what it is today.
Our main goal is to provide a safe and effective platform for everyone seeking a poly lifestyle: polygamy, polyamory, polyandry, group relationships, etc.


Our primary focus on Sister Wives is to promote love is love and allow people to love whom they desire, to be who they want to be, and not to be ashamed of that.


Recently we have been dealing with a lot of copycats. Now mind you, most of these copycats are located offshore, primarily in India. These people are in it for one thing only, and that is to make money. Money was never a driving force for Sister Wives. We wanted to provide the polygamous and polyamorous communities with a safe and effective platform to use, and we think we are achieving that goal. It just makes our hearts glow every time we hear about a successful match made on our platform, and we are truly grateful for that and the many dedicated, patient, and loyal customers we have.


We have worked with several TV Programs, including Seeking Sister Wife, This is Life with Lisa Ling - Modern Love on CNN, and a few podcasts as well.

You can read a little about our journey via this Blooming Wellness Blog: Polygamy and Mental Health with Dr. Erin Stair. Since then, we have had another failed attempt of our own pursuing this lifestyle. It was so bad that Dr. Erin Stair did a podcast on it and decided to delete it after a couple of months because, overall, it was pretty negative, and she knew that was not the message we wanted to send.

I would urge everyone out there that is actively pursuing a polygamous or polyamorous lifestyle to be careful, take your time, and get to know someone before you end up getting hurt as we did and so many others have.

Written By: Christopher Alesich, 

I am an advocate of committed and faith-based relationships alike. I am also a dedicated supporter of #loveislove and believe that love is a gift from God. Love has no Limits.


Published By: Christopher Alesich, 

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