Celebrating Valentine's Day 2022 While Poly

Feb 6 | By Chris

As the new COVID-19 variant sweeps through our communities, it’s important to celebrate Valentine’s day 2022 with precautions in mind. There are lots of different ways to enjoy quality time with loved ones this year without taking on extra risks. Some ideas are staying in and enjoying a movie together or enjoying a picnic in a spacious, outdoor area.

Before you get carried away by big romantic gestures, let’s remember that sometimes less is more. Here’s our guide on how to have a safe holiday while still showing your affection your way.

Avoid large gatherings

We know, the pandemic has robbed us all of countless big days — wedding ceremonies, holiday parties, birthday bashes. You might be tempted to throw your hands in the air and host a large dinner for partners and friends this Valentine’s day 2022.

Try this instead: Have a virtual date or play online games together. It could be you and your partner(s), you and your friends, or you and your family. The best part about virtual dates? No need to leave the house at all!

Plan for an intimate meal or other activity at home

You may have a tradition of going to a nice dinner every Valentine’s day with your spouse or partners. Getting dressed up and designating special alone time helps fill up our love meters, but it’s not exactly COVID-friendly.

Try this instead: Grab some groceries (or order them if possible) and cook dinner together. It’ll take more work than just ordering off of the menu, but it may lead to some new traditions.

Rethink travel by plane

For three years, we’ve lived in uncertainty. It’s exhausting for sure, living in an ambiguous world with infinite maybes. But what is certain is that airplane travel is risky, especially to and from areas with high COVID cases.

Try this instead: Have a staycation. If staying and working from home has you suffering from cabin fever, why not rent out an actual cabin nearby? Or, rent out an Airbnb in your city and spend a night or two in new surroundings.

Good news is most places offer a contactless check-in, so you don’t have to interact with a worker like you would, say, at a hotel. You can order in or take advantage of a kitchen if you’re renting out an apartment or home.

Anticipate jealousy and failed plans

Pandemic or not, Valentine’s day can bring up some overwhelming feelings. One partner might feel jealous of another’s Valentine’s day gift. A secondary partner might feel left out if you and your nesting partner decide to have a special dinner—alone. 

If travel restrictions are in place, and your plans are suddenly thrown out the window, expect disappointment all-around. There’s not much we can do with a pandemic limiting our poly dating opportunities, so it’s always good to have something to fall back on.

Try this instead: Polygamy dating requires us to manage expectations around holidays like these. If you are making plans individually with your partners, iron out the details well before Valentine’s day 2022—and account for any potential cancellations.

 It can be hard to dispel the need to go all out lest you risk looking like you don’t care about your relationships. Emotionally healthy and rational adults shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves for a single day. But love makes us act in ways we never thought we would, for better or for worse.

Have a back-up plan

If you were counting on a dinner reservation to make your Valentine’s day, you might want to rethink your strategy. If anything else, COVID-19 has taught us to adapt and always prepare for the unexpected.

Try this instead: Sign up for something online that’s unlikely to be cancelled, like an online class or a live music show. Play your favorite board games or video games together. If you’re not much of a gamer, have a movie night complete with movie theater fare like buttered popcorn, candy, and sweet drinks.

Don’t forget about your platonic relationships

Valentine’s day is known for declarations of romantic love, but modern Valentine’s day celebrations should include platonic loves, too. The past three years have shown us not to take time for granted, so Valentine’s day 2022 is an opportunity to show friends and family that they are loved.

Try this instead: Send your best gals and pals bouquets, chocolates, or their favorite snacks. Text them meaningful messages listing the qualities you love about them and memories with them you cherish most.

The best gifts aren’t just material things, either. Poly dating on a budget is possible, and maybe the best memories this Valentine’s day 2022 will be spent at home and not on an extravagant gift.

Published By: Christopher Alesich 

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