Is An Ethical Polyamorous Relationship Right For You?

Dec 17 '2022, 12:34 PM | By Chris

Is an ethically polyamorous relationship something you could or should be involved in? Truth be told, it's not the type of relationship that everyone can or should be in, but it works out beautifully for others. In a poll, approximately one third of American adults agreed that non-monogamous relationships were a good idea for them. Compared to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, the more likely agreeable population were Millennials. In fact, while you were swiping through Bumble or Tinder, you may have noticed more and more people looking for ENM (non-monogamous) relationships. They are on the rise.

But is right for you? How do you find out?

What Is Polyamory?

Polyamorous individuals have multiple intentional, intimate, and loving relationships simultaneously. It's a type of non-monogamous or open relationship that follows precise guidelines.

During the same point in time, people who have numerous romantic relationships are referred to as being involved in polyamory. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are sex partners of a casual nature. Though everyone in the relationship is aware of each other, the relationships are serious, dedicated, and devoted. However, friendships with others are allowed.

Is Polyamory The Right Choice?

Do your research before you talk to your current significant other regarding the introduction of the idea of a polyamorous relationship (if you’re in a relationship right now). Read books, online articles, participate in or join polyamory communities – get to know exactly what you're thinking about and will be proposing to your current or future partner.

Make yourself aware of everything a polyamorous relationship isn't and everything that it is. Make sure you understand that relationship commitment is highly valued and necessary. This isn't just a bunch of people who are "fooling around" with each other.

What About My Current Relationship?

There are both rewards and risks by choosing to open your currently monogamous relationship with your partner. A whole new level of intimacy can be discovered when people are able to be completely truthful and open with/toward each other – which comes as a surprise to some. For many, their already existing dedication and love is deepened through an ENM relationship.

Do not confuse a polyamorous relationship with a polygamous relationship. In a polygamous relationship, a man is married to more than one "sister wife." Polyamorous relationships can involve any number of men and/or women, just women, or just men. Is a polygamist relationship more on your level of thinking?

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