A Poly Valentine

Feb 13 '2019, 10:05 PM | By Chris

It’s that time of year when red hearts and specialty chocolates greet you at your favorite stores and florists are gearing up to sell millions of roses. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your love and appreciate the joy your love brings. Those in the world of polyamory have a lot of love to celebrate and multiple opportunities to be creative and make it a perfect day. Whether you’re preparing a surprise or planning magical moments together, don’t forget to make your Valentine’s Day unique to you and the loves of your life. 

If you’re a polygamist family it may be time to have a special dinner at home with all the sister wives being treated to a catered meal or maybe a big dinner out. Don’t stick them doing dishes! You could also spread Valentine’s through the week and find personal time to spend with each of your love’s. This time of year brings a lot of attention to finding a date so it’s a great time to find a sister wife. Women wanting to be a sister wife will have an extraordinary story to tell if she can join the whole prospective family for a special dinner on Valentine’s Day. She’ll also have wonderful insight on the dynamics of a happy polygamist family and how she might fit in. Sister wives and Valentine’s day are a recipe for beautiful moments and memories.  

Polyamorous relationships are especially fortunate with the opportunity this time of the year presents. With no limit to one lover and the freedom to forge your own traditions, outside of narrow expectations, one can create unique and unforgettable moments. Bringing two, or more, separate lovers together for a special evening can be fun and enlightening. Events with other polyamorous groups are always a great time. Exploring new possibilities is a perfect way to celebrate the love you already know. Mix it up and have fun on this day of romance! Do know and be respectful of your partner’s boundaries. Not everyone likes to mix things up or be surprised. 

There are plenty of poly people that have no interest in Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that even if you’re not a fan there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the day and doing a little something to make sure your lovers know you care about them. Few people truly enjoy being completely left out of a tradition. If you insist on protesting Valentine’s Day at least come up with another special day. Celebrating love is too important to ignore. Keeping it simple with a small gift is always touching. Small moments and gestures can have incredible impact.

If you have the great fortune of finding a new sister wife this time of year, or of bringing together two of your lovers, count yourself a lucky soul. Few get to know the beauty a polygamist family experiences or the happiness polyamory makes possible. Maybe you already have everything you need. Celebrate it. Make your Polygamist Valentine’s Day or Poly Valentine’s something to remember. You’ll never regret your efforts and multiplying love is always a good idea. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Published By: Christopher Alesich

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