Does A Solo Polyamorous Relationship Work For You?

Feb 8 '2023, 10:30 AM | By Chris

Including ethical non-monogamy (ENM) and monogamy, there are numerous kinds of relationship styles in existence. As an example, one method through which to participate in ethical non-monogamy is referred to as being solo polyamorous. What does that mean? If you practice solo polyamory, you don't necessarily mesh the lives of your partners with other partners, though you have relationships with multiple people.

Let's explore this further and, by doing so, you may be able to decide whether or not this lifestyle is right for you (and your partner or partners).

Solo Polyamory

If you're having intimate relationships with a number of people, solo polyamory refers to each of you living a single life, despite the numerous relationships you're involved in. You may also hear the term solo poly. People involved in this relationship don't all necessarily have children with each other, marry each other, share finances, live together, etc.

Any number of individuals who consider themselves a solo poly believe that commitment to one's self is most important – they are their own partner. They do they not identify as a member of a polyamorous pod, “throuple”, or couple.

On the other hand, a solo poly person may not be in a romantic relationship at all.

Might the Solo Poly Life Be for You?

If the following apply to you, you may want to give solo polyamory a shot:

• The importance of your romantic relationships mirrors the importance of your friendships. They are equal.

• Rather than focusing on a romantic relationship, you'd rather focus your efforts on your own mental health, career, hobbies, and personal growth.

• The "relationship escalator" is not of any interest to you. You do not wish to live with a partner, marry, etc.

• You believe that your primary commitment is (or should be) to you, yourself.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

To further drive home the impression that a solo poly lifestyle is for you, a little self-examination is needed. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you find it appealing to live a traditional lifestyle involving the "relationship escalator"?

• How does a romantic relationship feel and look in your mind?

• Compared to other types of relationships, is a committed romantic relationship something you receive “more” from, in some manner?

• With a life partner, are you interested in having children? No children?

• Do you want marriage? What are your values where marriage is concerned?

There is no wrong or right answer to any of the above-stated questions. Over time, in fact, your answers may well change. The answers will, however, help you gain better insight as to what you're all about, what you want out of a relationship, what you see for yourself in the future, and more.

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