Poly Marriage Vs. Open Relationship: What's The Difference?

Feb 17 '2023, 8:07 AM | By Chris

If you are currently in a relationship or if you are single and considering various types of non-monogamous relationships, you may be wondering about the following scenario: poly marriage versus open relationship. Are they one and the same?

Though there are many kinds of non-monogamous relationships, polyamory being one, there are distinct differences between relationship types that fall under the umbrella term of non-monogamous. When it comes to polyamory, what distinguishes it from open relationships is the fact that those involved in a polyamorous relationship are romantically connected, committed, and devoted to each other. This is not simply a "go ahead" for an open relationship. Far from it, in fact.

A Basic Comparison

For clarity, let's do a very basic comparison between an "open relationship" and a "polyamorous relationship".

• When, to more than one person, an individual is committed emotionally and romantically, they are said to be in a polyamorous relationship. These are loving relationships.

• Open relationships, on the other hand, are very often about little more than sex and/or dating. There may be one primary relationship between two people, and one or both of them has "permission" to date and have sex with others. The primary relationship remains in place.

Polyamory and Marriage

The legality of polyamorous marriage, at least in the United States, is still relatively cut and dried. You can be legally married to one person and one person only, at this time.

A man having more than one wife may be legal in other locations throughout the world, but in America, it's still technically illegal. The best you can hope for, in America, is to be legally wed to one wife, while the others will be considered extramarital relationships, by law.

Is an extramarital affair illegal? Though, in the past, they were considered illegal, today, enforcement of laws pertaining to adultery, etc., are rarely enforced. In fact, they're considered unconstitutional by some courts.

So, though you may not be able to be legally married to more than one woman, you may not have to worry about being prosecuted for being married to one and living with many women.

Are You Opposed to Commitment?

If you are opposed to commitments, or being committed to more than one person, you may be more suited to an open relationship. As referred to earlier, an open relationship can involve a devoted relationship between two people, with permission for one or more of them to have sex with/date others. It can also refer to one person who simply wants to date (or have sexual relations) freely, without commitment to anyone in particular.

Any way you look at it, the type of relationship you're interested in should be made clear to the person you're considering having a relationship with. Whether it's an open relationship, a semi-committed relationship, a polyamorous relationship, or what have you, it's crucial that all parties be consenting adults and in agreement with any "rules" that may apply to the relationship in general (or to each party concerned).

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