You Should Know The Truth About These 5 Polyamorous Relationship Myths

Feb 28 '2023, 8:12 PM | By Chris

Compared to the standard idea of romance many individuals have been raised with, relationships classified as polyamorous can seem vastly different. Many people have been programmed to do a bit of dating, figure out who that "special someone" is, get married, have kids, and spend the rest of their life living “happily ever after” with that one person – and it works for any number of them. Even in this day and age, it can feel a little "taboo" being with more than one partner in an intimate relationship.

Truth be told, there's no shortage of people who would like to enter into a relationship that's polyamorous. Attitudes are quickly changing from the old-school train of thought. In a 2020 YouGov survey, roughly 33% of millennials said that, to some degree, the perfect relationship would be non-monogamous. (Just four short years prior, only 1/5 of the population that thought on those lines.)

Just because something is occurring more often, however, doesn't mean that people don't still have questions. In fact, the more common something is, the more misconceptions seem to surface. Let's look at a handful of myths regarding polyamorous relationships, and the actual truth behind them.

Only People Who Don't Want to Commit Enter Into A Polyamorous Relationship

Quite the contrary. The people in a polyamorous relationship are dedicated to each other. It can be, in fact, more complicated balancing these relationships than simply committing yourself to one person. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration including everyone's desires, needs, schedules, and more. That takes dedication and commitment.

Polyamorous Relationships Are All about Sex, Sex, Sex

Some people think that the polyamorous relationships equal one big orgy.

Are you likely having sex with more than one person if you're involved in a polyamorous relationship? Probably. But that doesn't mean it's all about sex. These are people in a relationship on an emotional, heartfelt level, as well as sexual. In fact, some don't involve much sex at all, if any.

Due To a Human’s Jealous Nature, Long Term Polyamory Can't Work

Is jealousy something that people in a polyamorous relationship sometimes have to deal with? Absolutely. But it's up to the mature adults involved in the relationship to deal with it appropriately, openly, and honestly.

You’re at a Higher Risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases If You’re Polyamorous

It's always best to play it safe – like a mature, responsible adult should. STD testing should be in place, and safe sex practices are always recommended. It's important to let your partners know about any condition you may have. Openness and honesty are both crucial aspects of a relationship. Polyamorous people are no more at risk for STDs then are other people out in the dating scene.

Only People Who Are Afraid of Commitment Are in Polyamorous Relationships

As mentioned earlier, a polyamorous relationship is a committed relationship. All partners are devoted and dedicated to each other on an emotional, heartfelt level.

Sister Wives Dating and Matchmaking Service Can Help You Explore Polyamorous Relationships

Hopefully, some of the misconceptions you may have had about polyamorous relationships – and any doubts you may have experienced – have now been cleared up. If this type of lifestyle suits you and you'd like to find out where to meet others of the same mindset, we can help. Still have questions? Find out what others have to say on our "Blogs".

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