What Should You Know about a Polygamy Relationship?

Jun 26, 4:40 PM | By Chris

Like all of us, you are someone who wants to find happiness. You want to be surrounded by people who can complete your unique vision and who possess the means to complement your personality. But you probably think outside the norm, and for you, a traditional monogamous relationship doesn't fit the lifestyle you want to adopt. There is nothing wrong with that; on the contrary, it shows that you are a person who knows what he wants from life and is open to new experiences. From this point of view, polygamy could be a solution. A choice that could open doors to interaction with new people, laying the foundation for experiences that will define the rest of your life.

But polygamy, like a monogamous relationship, must follow distinct rules that will be well-discussed between partners. Would you like to find your match on our website? Then, first of all, you have to be a person who can respect well-defined boundaries. Couples in a polygamy partnership must communicate their intentions from this bond and set their limits. But besides communication, a polygamy relationship can also be influenced by your knowledge of the subject. Do you know, for example, which types of polygamy exist? Would you like to know the advantages of such a relationship and how you can prevent jealousy in a couple? Then we invite you to stay with us for the next few minutes, during which we will try to analyze these questions and give you the answers you are interested in.

How Diverse are Polygamous Relationships?

Polygamy is an ancient practice that has been synonymous with economic security and cohesion between people throughout history. But today, although exceptions exist, polygamy is prohibited in most sovereign countries. Polygamy is diverse and can come in different forms, although the most popular by far is polygyny. This is the practice whereby a man can take more than one wife and must live with them in a non-preferential relationship. The practice of polygyny is common in rural African communities, where taking multiple wives is seen as a sign of wealth, or in the Middle East, where Islamic tradition allows taking up to four wives at the same time, as long as the husband can provide an identical living for each of them. Polygyny can also be found in small polygamous communities in the United States. These are mainly adherents of the Mormon religion, and wives here refer to each other as "sisters."

A less common type of polygamy is polyandry. This is the practice whereby a woman can have several husbands simultaneously. Rarely found even in countries where polygamy is legal, polyandry remains a practice located in rural communities in Tibet, Nepal, and northern India, and the main reason for this type of relationship is related to the provision of food and its distribution in times of drought. The last type of polygamy relationship we will talk about is group marriages, also known as polyfidelity, which involve multiple men and women entering into a committed relationship with each other. In such a marriage, there is no central figure as in polyandry or polygyny, all members being equal, and their interactions are complex and well-defined. However, group marriages are the least common type of polygamy, as only the Kaingang people of Brazil practice it, and even in their case, the prevalence of group marriages sits at only 8%.

Are There Advantages to a Polygamous Relationship? 

A non-monogamous relationship could lead to enhanced satisfaction for the people involved. Couples in polygamous partnerships benefit from a more extensive support network where their concerns can be heard more easily.  Social interaction between individuals is more comprehensive in non-monogamous relationships, as is companionship in times of emotional vulnerability. Also, in a polygamous partnership, household responsibilities are better shared, as are financial resources. In a modern polygamy partnership, the people involved work towards the same goal of financial freedom, and their combined income could be pooled to improve the financial aspects of the family. In fact, economic benefits are one of the main reasons polygamy is still a common practice in rural African communities where resources are scarce.

However, a non-monogamous relationship also offers advantages in terms of the close connections that form between individuals. Are you a person who grew up in a monogamous family without siblings? Then you may want to change that. In a polygamous partnership, fertility increases, and more than one person can raise children. If one partner has infertility, this is not the end of the world, as other people can provide you with offspring. A polygamous marriage can help you maintain your family lineage and enjoy the presence of your descendants in a financially and emotionally stable environment.

How to Handle Jealousy? 

As in any relationship, jealousy can be one of the main reasons that can lead to the break-up of the partnership. It is essential to enter into a relationship with someone on the same wavelength as you, and from this point of view, Sister Wives could be the perfect place for your needs. But equally important will be your communication skills. Before entering into a non-monogamous relationship, you will need to discuss the boundaries in the partnership with your significant others and establish from the get-go what is permissible and what is not.

Trust is essential for the relationship to work, and this is just as essential in a monogamous bond as it is in a polygamy relationship. It's good to know that jealousy is normal, and most often, it's a sign that the partnership is meaningful. But what's important is not to let it cloud your judgment and turn you into a version of yourself that you're not proud of. The advantage of a non-monogamous relationship is that it can allow you the resources to discuss your feelings with more than one person. In a polygamous relationship, you will benefit from an extended support network through which you can self-reflect on your problems and more easily identify the elements that led to the intensification of your feelings of jealousy.

Everyone Deserves to Find Love

Whether you are looking for a traditional monogamous partnership or you are someone who wants to try a polygamy relationship, what you need to know is that you deserve to find happiness in the arms of compatible persons and that there is nothing wrong with wanting to try a different lifestyle. Polygamous partnerships are still not accepted in most Western countries. But in truth, they can be an opportunity to discover yourself and explore your sexuality and the elements of character that make you who you are today.

A polygamous partnership can be an opportunity to boost your self-esteem, form long-term relationships with people with whom you share things in common, and last but not least, it can be a practical way of living that will give you the material and emotional comfort you need. Polygamous relationships are not yet legal in the United States and may stay so in the foreseeable future. But maintaining unofficial relationships with more than one partner is permitted, so nothing can stop you from exploring the lifestyle you want and experiencing physical and emotional companionship with people who share your values.

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