The Benefits of Polyamory

May 2 '2019, 12:51 PM | By Chris

Coasting through life not doing anything outside of the expected is an easy way to live. Maintaining a happy family, raising a couple of good kids, and being a positive influence in your community are all admirable things. Funny as it seems, assumptions will be made when you live an exemplary life like this. ‘That fella must have one beautiful wife at home taking good care of him.’ Even funnier is that people in plural relationships or families are actually better equipped to accomplish these things, yet so many people refuse to consider polyamory as an option. More people should give it serious consideration because polygamous and polyamorous people are fortunate in many ways, and way ahead of the curve in life.

Many days there are a million things to do! The pantry is almost empty, your check engine light is on, Mother’s Day is a few days away, you know you can’t get away from the office until after 7, and you just remembered the PTA meeting you cannot miss is at 8. You end up eating fast food, wearing out your car prematurely, canceling important plans, and your poor mother only gets a rushed call on her special day. Now imagine all the same daily tasks but more than one or two people to accomplish them. Every addition to your poly family enhances your capacity to fulfill obligations exponentially. Beyond obligations, imagine one family that includes a General Practitioner, Master Mechanic, Chef, Contractor, etc… They’d be unstoppable! While looking for a sister wife, or addition to your poly relationship, there is no harm in considering the perks they bring to your family. Be realistic, of course.

The grind of daily life gets old for everyone and after knocking out daily tasks it’s time to unwind. Two people can, without question, thoroughly love and enjoy each other but everyone needs a little diversity in their life. Finding multiple lovers, or sister wives, provides natural variation so a family or group can constantly mix things up. Polyamorous people also enjoy less time doing things they don’t really enjoy. If two members of your group or family love the aquarium, and the rest don’t, they can go enjoy it together instead of dragging you along. The joy of a big loving family is undeniable. Who could complain about an amazing dinner party nearly every night?

On top of the pleasantries, and maybe more important, is the amount of unconditional love and support poly people enjoy. Life will throw terrible things in everyone’s path. Having sister wives or multiple lovers you can confide in, and rely on, means your struggles may pose less frustration. Everyone should have friends they can turn to, but the connection among sister wives or lovers is deeper. Multiplying those type of connections in your life will carry you with grace when needed.

This same support system can reach super hero levels of power when it comes to raising kids. Three or more grown-ups focusing on the best for their kids produces incredible results. When one of you is at a loss of what to say or do, in whatever situation, there is a good chance one of the others will know, or have a pretty good idea. Each parent can impart their strengths into their kids’ lives and raise a person that is incredibly well-rounded and smart. An instinctual tolerance toward people with unique approaches to life is an added bonus.

The kids (if you have them), and you, will also enjoy the financial aspects of a plural relationship. Multiple working adults contributing to a common household means options can be wide open. Forget settling on the starter home you can still barely afford. Being responsible with money is always important but it’s easier to be responsible when you have access to more money. Four or five lovers sharing a room on vacation can be the difference between a smelly motel room by a highway interchange, or a downtown suite with a balcony and amazing view. Enjoy it.

Poly relationships will never be an option for too many people. It’s unfortunate, but seeking a sister wife will never seem like a reasonable direction for many men. If you’re a man that would like to find sister wives and build a family, consider yourself lucky! If you’re a woman that would like to be a sister wife, you are blessed with an instinct to know how to live your best life. The same goes for any polyamorous people. We know our best lives are possible and finding poly lovers to build a loving family or group brings us great joy. The core of polyamory is love. The benefits shouldn’t be your focus but an enjoyable possible result of your choices. Embrace your lovers, if you have them, and keep up the good work. The future of polyamory is bright because we know a secret path to tremendous bliss. 

Published By: Christopher Alesich

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