Faith, Modesty, and Polygamy: Biblical Perspectives

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Polygamy, the practice of marrying multiple spouses, is a controversial topic that has been practiced across various cultures and religions for centuries. One of the foundational arguments in favor of polygamy within certain religious groups rests on the assertion that it is in line with God’s will and His intended design for relationships. This article delves into the faith-based aspect of polygamy, emphasizing the importance of modesty between sister wives and the roles defined by biblical gender principles.

Faith in God and the Practice of Polygamy

Having unwavering faith in God requires adherents to hold steadfast to His word, commandments, and teachings, even when societal norms and values conflict with these. Many supporters of polygamy argue that the Bible contains instances and implicit endorsements of this practice. For instance:

1. Old Testament Patriarchs: Many biblical figures such as Abraham, Jacob, and King David had multiple wives. Their polygamous relationships were neither condemned nor portrayed in a negative light.

2. Fulfilling God's Command: One perspective holds that polygamy might have been a way to fulfill God’s command to "be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:28).

Yet, it's crucial to note that while the Bible records polygamous relationships, it doesn't necessarily promote them as an ideal. Instances like King Solomon’s numerous wives leading him astray (1 Kings 11:3-4) can be interpreted as cautionary tales.

Modesty in Polygamy

Modesty, in a biblical sense, extends beyond mere clothing. It encompasses humility, propriety, and respectful behavior, especially in the context of marital relationships. Modesty plays a pivotal role in polygamous relationships, particularly among sister wives.

1. Guarding Against Jealousy: With multiple wives, there's potential for feelings of jealousy or competition. Modesty, characterized by humility and selflessness, acts as a guard against such negative emotions.

2. Promoting Unity: Sister wives who adopt modesty in their interactions foster an environment of respect, unity, and mutual understanding. Instead of vying for attention or a higher status, they collectively work towards the well-being of the family.

3. Reflecting Godly Principles: Modesty reflects a heart attuned to God's values. By practicing it, sister wives exemplify the virtues of patience, kindness, and love, strengthening their bond with God and each other.

Biblical Gender Roles in Polygamist Relationships

The Bible outlines specific roles for men and women. In the context of polygamous relationships, these roles are more nuanced.

1. The Patriarch: Biblically, the man is viewed as the head of the household, responsible for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of his family. In polygamy, this responsibility amplifies, as the patriarch must be a source of stability, ensuring fair treatment, love, and care for all his wives. He must also guide his family in spiritual matters, ensuring that God remains at the center of their collective life.


2. The Sister Wives: The Bible often portrays women as nurturers, helpers, and supporters. In a polygamous setting, sister wives share these roles. They collaborate in raising children, managing the home, and supporting the patriarch. A harmonious relationship among them is crucial for the family's stability. 

The dynamic between a patriarch and his wives should ideally be marked by mutual respect, understanding, and love. Each wife, while maintaining her individuality, must also respect the unity and sanctity of the marital bond she shares with her husband and the camaraderie she should foster with her co-wives.

The bottom line is

Polygamy, when viewed through the lens of faith, offers a unique perspective on relationship dynamics. The biblical examples and teachings provide a blueprint for how such relationships can be navigated with grace, love, and understanding. Central to this is the role of modesty, particularly among sister wives, and an adherence to the gender roles outlined in the scriptures. While the practice of polygamy might not align with mainstream Christian theology, for those who adopt it based on their understanding of the Bible, striving for modesty and following biblical gender roles can lead to harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

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