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Quick question do anyone actual use this site?

EL1987 Apr 1 · Comments: 2
I am married and I am polyamorous. I want someone who shares the same interests they watch sci-fi anime, J-Pop, pc, and mac games, video games, console games, manga, comic books, MMORPGs, martial arts, meditation, yoga, computer, reading, poetry, Science, 420, cooking & baking, MMORPGs, tabletop gaming, wargaming, building models, a plus is learning to speaks Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, play Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, watch Netflix, etc.

So, just a general question?

What are actually looking for?

What is really into? 

The women I have met in my life clearly are into me unless I paying their way. 

I met a bunch of men who are doing this and they have a different girl every day. 

There also mean to these women.


Someone who sexually compatible, as well as a partner and friend who likes nesting and creating a family, helps out with the cleaning, cooking, and making a home. I am looking for another loving, caring woman who likes cats; She should like going to anime and comic-book conventions with me and/or my wife.

we are both looking for someone who gets along with both of us. We want a kitchen table, polycule, and family. We want an in-house D&D Party.

She should have similar interests to me and my wife.

Name?: Charles
?Birthday: April 3
☯️Zodiac Sign ♓️: sun: Aries Moon: Virgo in the year of the Ox (yin).
✨Age✨: 46
?️‍?Sexuality?️‍?: Heterosexual
?‍♀️Gender?‍♂️ : Male
?Relationship Status?: married and Poly Relationship, l am looking for a girlfriend.
?Favorite Colors: Red Blue (Izzet Guild)
?Favorite food: Chinese, Japanese, French, and American; I am omnivore everything lol.
?Spirituality: ?‍♀️ Japanese Buddhism, Shinto, and Tokyo (Taoism).
?Book Worm or Movie Buff ?: Both; I read articles and books and learn and watch movies to relax.
?Any Pets??: 6 Cats
?/ Location: Flushing, Queens, NY, USA
?Do you smoke?: No, Tobacco, yes to weed.
?Drink?: Yes, but Not often
?Hobbies?: sci-fi Anime, j-pop, k-pop, Asian dramas.pc & mac games, video games, console games, manga, comic books, MMORPGs, martial arts (Aik**o, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Shorinji Kempo), meditation, yoga, computer, reading, poetry, Science, 420, cooking & baking, MMORPGs, tabletop gaming, wargaming, building models, a plus is learning to speaks Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, play D&D, Magic the Gathering, watch Netflix, etc.
Private Message (PM): Yes, get permission in group post first.
? Pictures of myself ?

In the beginning, when my wife was having sexual problems and her physical injuries and cancer don't allow her to have sex anymore without a lot of pain, she let going escorts, this got too expensive now we are polyamorous, well I am.

Before we became polyamorous we brought reading material and listen to the podcast, went to meets, we like the lifestyle and the people we meet, and ideas of creating loving relationships and custom relationships.

Now that I trying to date again, a lot people meet so far don't want relationships, caring, sharing, and be loving.

A lot of people seem to just want sex and someone to take care of them. Is this what the world has come to?


Dear Friends, If you are interested in poly, you might wonder how everything actually works out. There is a lot of theory out there and many people have opinions, but what is it really like to live it day by day? 

The truth is, most of the time poly families are pretty much like extended or blended families you might find through divorces, except the people get along and love each other.  Multiple women share the house work (if you are in one home) and birth parents have the primary responsibility to care for and discipline children. Moreover, some stay home and some work out.  Usually the man is the main bread winner with some or all of the girls holding down full or part time jobs. 

The main things that comes into play that are different are sleeping arrangements - it works best if each woman has a set day.  What goes on during the mornings is open for whomever wants, but having a set time does bring some order and gives the woman a sense of security. 

If everyone gets along, date nights or vacations can be done together.  However, often times the wives desire some alone time with their husband while the other girls hold down the fort. All in all, a lot of "living poly" boils down to common sense and a desire for everyone to work together for the common good. 

One thing that a man needs to do is be as fair as possible so that each woman has the perception that she is being considered and cared for.  Sometimes this does not work out, but most women understand that if a man is making an good faith effort, perfection in that area isn't required. 

In the end, promoting a sense of family and "we're all in this together" is essential.  If everyone is on board, most of the details will work themselves out. In our family, since we are spiritual filled, christian believers, we try to practice God's Love towards each other.  It is His love from above that is part of the Tabernacle Experience.  This way, it is not just us doing the loving, but God loving each other through us. 

Big hugs and lots of love,


michaelk Dec 15 '20 · Comments: 2

Dear Friends, I personally believe there is great value in being authentic. First of all, when you are authentic, it helps people know how to interact with you. You are not vague or misleading, so it saves a lot of time that may otherwise be lost by people not understanding where you are truly coming from. 

It demonstrates credibility and honesty to those whom you speak with.  A real conversation with a person who is being authentic, has a certain "ring" to it.  Therefore, from the outset, trust begins to be established which forms the basis of any meaningful dialogue. 

It demonstrates that you are serious about meeting someone.  When you are authentic and open, it lets people know that you don't have hidden agendas, but rather are up front about who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Authenticity, tends to discourage those who are not authentic themselves, thus saving both parties a lot of time. 

A poly relationship must be based upon authenticity so that those who are participating can know what is really going on.  In my experience, the poly scene is rife with people who really are not sure what they are looking for and thus don't have a clear idea of how to communicate what they want.  It would be better to know what you really want and then be honest about it with others.

Being authentic also gives you confidence to talk with others in a sincere and open way.  You are, for instance, able to share about your life and your goals with others without having craft some answer you think they might like to hear.  I really lowers the threshold of anxiety a lot. 

I encourage all to open up and share honestly with one another.  There is little down side to doing that.  After all, friendship takes time and their is plenty of opportunity to get to know if others are the one or ones you are compatible with along the way.

Big hugs and lots of love,


michaelk Dec 14 '20

Dear Friends, To begin with, I am not judging those who are strictly or primarily interested in finding a sexual partner. That is your business and I think everyone understands that. Moreover, people have a lot of different types of lifestyles and beliefs and it is agreed that it is best to recognize that everyone should have the right to live as they wish. 

What I am going to discuss today is the question: when is the right time to talk about sex? The answer to that is often times not so simple. Being as I am not into swinging I am going to examine this question from the standpoint of someone who is really looking for a permanent life partner. 

To begin with, when I look over a profile one of the things that puts me off is displaying sexual pictures. No matter what the woman is really like, I tend to make assumption if I see too much of body right off the bat. I like a woman's form as much as anyone else, but if a woman reveals herself right away to me (an everyone else) that sends the message that she is advertising her body for a romp in the hay and not a really, lasting relationship (so to speak).  Being as fidelity is of paramount importance to me and my family, I ask myself, "could I ever trust such a woman to be faithful? 

Furthermore, if the first thing out of my mouth (or in text) is a "come-on: full of sexual innuendo, am I worth a real relationship with the person I'm talking to?  Again, I think not. 

In my opinion (which I realize is just that), I don't think that women who are really wanting a good man, wants him to zero in on her body or sexual acts right away.  I suppose, if both parties are just interested in hooking up, that would be a different matter, but for those who are honestly looking for someone to add to they hearts and home, that is not what we're looking. 

Moreover, when people come at women, who are seriously looking to join a family, with sex talk, that may tend to sour them on the whole concept.  Perhaps it even ends up driving them away from this site and from the notion of poly altogether. 

For me, personally, I will not talk about sex with a woman until there is a relationship that warrants such a conversation.  The woman I want would not lead with sexuality either.  While we are both adults and intimacy is at the heart of any vibrant relationship, getting to know her character and spirit, is the place to start for me.  Practically any woman can be very sexy if she is really in love with the man she's with, so it is not necessary to advertise that initially because it is a given. 

Some women have learned that being sexy or, appearing to be sexy, gets them a lot of attention.  Furthermore, the promise of sex with men can lead them to advantages in all sorts of ways.  However, given the choice between getting what they want through advertising their bodies and having those things given to them freely by a man who truly loves them as a person, I think many might prefer a real relationship. 

Also, and I think this is a valid point, just wanting to use a woman (or a man) only for your pleasure degrades them as a human being. 

In conclusion, I think "sex talk" might be better reserved for the time when their is a love relationship that is appropriate for that kind of intimacy.  Getting to know a woman or a man well before sex is perhaps the safest way to know what you are getting yourself in to. 

Lastly, if hooking up is really all you want to do, are their not other places better suited for find such a situation?  Why hide what you really want behind the facade of finding a sister wife if all you want is a sexual partner with little or no commitment?

Finally, everyone can do and be what they want.  I just know for myself, I want a woman good character, a sweet heart, and a loyal disposition.  If I can find that, everything else will follow.

Big hugs and lots of love,

Michael and family
michaelk Dec 13 '20

Dear Friends, One thing that I've noticed in living our lifestyle, is that the man needs to be a fair as possible with his women. This means, to me any way, that you know the needs of your wives and do you best to meet those needs if possible. All women are different and frankly their love language are different too. For one, it may be words of affirmation, for another, deeds of service, for another, helping them go to school, for another staying home and being a mom.  It is not a one size-fits-all proposition, but a tailored approach to meeting their individual needs. At times, this is easier said than done and no man can be perfect to everyone, every time.  However, even doing little things can mean a great deal to your woman and let them know you care. 

It takes quite a lot of commitment on the part of the women to make this type of lifestyle work too.  The girls needs to really be "all-in" and believe that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  In fact, in all my years of being a husband to more than one, it is the women that determine the happiness of the household.  They must have a love for one another that supersedes the small things they may disagree with. 

Lastly, in my life I have found that, when things are not working out with a wife, it is has been my tendency to let things go on too long in hopes that the situation will resolve.  If I had anything to do over again, I would have cut things off sooner, just for the sake of those who remained.  When a woman goes bad and doesn't want to be part of your family anymore, it is best to let her go.

Big hugs and lots of love,


michaelk Dec 12 '20
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