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Hey everyone! 

This may be a long post, but I would love everybody to know who I am, and not just some lady looking for a husband and wife to have babies with. I'm so much more than that! So, where do I begin? Let's start with my age and location. I'm 32, and from Louisiana, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Next, my ideal family. My ideal family is 2 wives, 1 husband, we don't live together, and we rotate weeks or days. We have family days and game nights. I have severe cerebral palsy, and basically, I'm a quadriplegic, (I have feeling everywhere, I have muscle spasms and involuntary movements.) but I live an amazing life. I have met celebraties. I don't let Cp stop me from living a normal life. I have a college degree in Liberal arts. I'm very outgoing, funny, playful, nice, and just beautiful soul overall. Now, I don't have a lot of room for a polygamy family right now. My parents designed a mobile home for Me, (3 bed 2 bath fire place and wheelchair accessible,) so they live with me. Family is really important to me. I can't carry kids unfortunately. I'm hoping that the wife could have one child (at least) I have a sister, brother-in-law, and niece. She's 2 going on 10, lol. I love going places like zoo's fairs aquariums and museums. I love children and can't wait to be a mom and wife. Thank y'all very much for reading this! Hopefully, now, y'all can see some of my personality...



PS Louisiana government is trying to take away my aides away. They are Trying to cut the budget,     so I will need caregiver personalities. 

jaylam May 1 '18 · Tags: love
   We are seeking to complete our Rainbow Family Unit near Tolleson, Az.

   Contact us if interested.


calgone Apr 20 '18
Well it is starting to happen, We were warned of this. Sister Wives is getting big, and Criminals from other countries are starting spoofed sites that look like in the hopes that you will login, pay them and think it is sister wives.

We have legal teams working around the clock, taking down these infringing sites.

If you see one of these sites please report it to us asap. And DO NOT LOG IN, It will accept any password.



So as one of the owners of I got to thinking: We just got finished with a live broadcast last night on the Gumbo talk show based out Texas. To those of you that listened thanks and for those that missed it it will be in the archives soon. So I got to thinking, Who would be interested in joining an advocacy group to Legalize Poly? I am in the beginning stages of launching a site with information and starting to advocate for this. We need the community's help. Please email me here or at and let me know your thoughts. 
robynk Apr 13 '18
Well Guys,

I would like to Take my hat off to Discovery Networks, The Snowden Family, The Alldredge Family, and The Briney Family for Bringing us all Such a Great TV Show ( Seeking Sister Wife ) and Shinning a little light on what we all go through in our search for a sister wife.

A Polygamist Life style is not always an easy path to follow. And Seeking a Sister Wife can be a Lot harder sometimes than some people might think. It takes a Very Mature stable minded person to be in a polygamist relationship.

You have to be able to over come a lot of Natural Instincts, for example - Jealousy, Selfishness, ETC. But in the end you will grow greatly as a person, and become a greater version of your self.

A Polygamist Relationship is truly a blessing on so many Levels! While it is not always fun and games, it is work like any other relationship ( Extra Work ) trust me, but it is Truly worth it once you find it!

Thank You Again TLC, Discovery Networks, and the brave Family's that went on national TV to show everyone just a little of this life style.

Also thank you Discovery/TLC for Adding our Names to the Credits as a special thanks, I wish we could have done a little more to help. And We would be honored to Help you guys again if ever need be.


I sit here and ponder, is our love out there? We have so much love to offer that special woman that wants it, but it seems she’s nowhere to be found! Come to us love we are waiting!!
Twinkletink Apr 12 '18

Instructions for tuning in and participating: dial (773) 897-6398 or use the link to listen at

We probably should have named this one Choosy Lovers or If we can't be lovers. Polygamy is a topic of hit debate nowadays. Join us as we discuss the fascination with people having more than one lover. The good, bad, and ugly. Is it selfish? Is it custom? Is it being open and honest? Is this what faithful is? We will have special guests from on to speak to us about the concept and construct of how polygamy works.

robynk Apr 10 '18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: sister wives, sisterwives, gumbo talk
Comment with your favorite vacation!!! 

My favorite are cruises...I've been on 4 and plan on going on a ton more!! -- rhyme kinda just happened

Ma77ory Apr 1 '18
 So my husband and I are very new to this and trying to figure out exactly what we want and how to find someone who will fit not only with us but with our family and be able to be confident enough to come and be apart of our relationship even though we have been together for 11 years before her. The more I look into what we want I found that what we are looking for is a polyamorous relationship. Which means all 3 of us in love and in a relationship together. I want the woman to be our best friend, our missing piece, our love. I want her to be able to be in my place and be the "mom/wife" if I have to be away and when I am there we do it all together. I want her to be just as important in my family as I am and I want her and I to both be comfortable with each other that there is no uncomfortable awkwardness between us or no competition. I want her to be working towards the same goals as us and us all be a family. I dont know if we will find what we are looking for but i really hope we do and I dont know if what I'm hoping for is something that will even be appealing to someone. I guess I will hope to just find someone who can start out as a friend and we can let it grow naturally and will hopefully grow into something special and unique. Has anyone had any luck on her or anywhere? Is this the best way to find what we are looking for?


HimandI253 Mar 22 '18 · Comments: 1
what does everyone have planned for the weekend?? 
donq2 Mar 10 '18
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