Poly Lovin on a Budget

Oct 16 '2020, 11:39 PM | By Chris

The year 2020 seems like it’s out to get us all, and a major result is that a lot of people are experiencing a budget crunch. We’re having to find new and creative ways to work from home when we can, and entertain ourselves in safe and inexpensive ways. It may seem easy to some, but for many, the lack of once every day options and enhanced importance of safety precautions make it difficult to have a little fun. Even if your budget is fine and you live in an area that isn’t enforcing safety protocol, it’s best to be ready for the possibility of another wave of coronavirus, or anything that may occur. Polyamorous groups or families are not immune to the ups and downs of life, which can throw us a curveball any time.

Train your brain to know that money doesn’t mean everything in life. 

Relying on money for everything you’d like to do for fun will only limit your happiness when little money is available. Poly groups and families are often quite fortunate to have multiple lines of income, but finding activities that cost little or nothing provides a path to saving money and being prepared for future shocks. Training yourself to think of inexpensive ideas for fun will keep you and all of your lovers more resilient in the face of anything that may come your way.

The great outdoors has always been a source of fun and relaxation, and it’s making a big comeback for very good reasons. There’s almost no better place than state and national parks to enjoy a long weekend affordably while naturally being socially distanced. Even if your family has been seeking a new sister wife or poly partner, state and national parks are perfect to meet and enjoy a date that can provide enough distance until everyone decides risks are minimal. Few people don’t have some kind of outdoor facility nearby. Look up parks in your area and consider them as an option to enjoy your poly or polygamy date safely. 

Even many city parks are large enough to enjoy an afternoon picnic or evening stroll with a reasonable amount of spacing if necessary.

Then we have picnics! A picnic can be held anywhere with enough outdoor space. They’re also great for people on a budget when you host them as a potluck. Pay attention to the rules in your area on the legal size of social gatherings and plan accordingly. This is, again, a great way to meet potential new sister wives or any poly dates. You can set a theme or show an outdoor movie, or maybe play games like charades that don’t require anyone to spend too much time without a safe distance between them. Being safe doesn’t mean we can’t see each other as long as we’re paying attention to our surroundings and the recommended precautions in our area.

Polyamorous and polygamy dating don’t have to be placed entirely on hold because you’re low on expendable money, or because of a pandemic either. 

If you or a potential partner or sister wife are especially low on spending money, or in an area on lockdown, there is always the online option. Don’t be afraid to host yourself for a candlelit dinner at home while your date hosts themselves as well. Turn on Zoom or Skype so you can all see each other and enjoy dinner chat for the evening. If dinner goes well you may even explore other private activities to share in a private video call. Be careful about settings to make sure nobody else is able to access the session. It’s amazing how intimate we can still be using online services.

For poly or polygamous families that are not currently involved in the dating world, you already have entertainment built into your daily life (assuming you live together). Digging out all of your board games and card games is not only wonderfully nostalgic, it can provide days of fun for the whole family. Of course there are video games and such you can share as well, but using any lockdown time to bring the family closer together should help avoid feelings of isolation. A family that plays together, stays together! Consider inventing your own family games too. 

Anything helps that will keep everyone engaged and able to avoid whatever madness has you locked down together.

Times like the year 2020 may seem too heartbreaking and difficult to be bearable, but if we use our time and efforts wisely, we can actually grow from the experience. The fact that we have to engage in activities in different ways doesn’t mean we have to give everything up. Look at the excellent Saturday Night Live from home episodes. They’re not the polished version of the show we’re used to, but they’re instantly memorable in their own way and we won’t soon forget them. Learning to use our money more wisely and be more creative with our entertainment, and daily lives, in times of struggle will also provide times with the people we love that we won’t soon forget. Start developing your unique traditions and sharing them with friends and family. We will come out of this year stronger and happier if we play our cards right.

Published By: Christopher Alesich 

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