Here’s How to Practice ENM Dating: A Step-By-Step Guide

Feb 10 '2023, 6:45 AM | By Chris

Before you can explore ENM dating, you have to know what it means. ENM stands for ethical non-monogamy. What that boils down to is being involved in a relationship that is romantic and dedicated – but with more than one person at a time. In other words, multiple romantic relationships. Each person in the relationship(s) is in agreement and has given consent.

A number of relationship types can fall under this umbrella term – think polygamy, polyamory, etc.

Are there rules? When it comes to non-monogamy in an ethical manner, the rules are relatively loose. The people involved in a defined relationship will likely live by their own set of rules. The look of the relationship dynamic should be agreed upon ahead of time, after being discussed with the people involved.

Tips for the Beginner

If you are new to ENM dating, here number of steps to consider taking to introduce yourself to the lifestyle:

• Do some research and self-examination to make sure that multiple relationships will work for you.

• Seek out others who are either looking for multiple relationships or, even better, can fill you in on the basics. Someone who's been there and has successfully pursued ENM relationships could be a priceless resource right about now.

• Seek prospective individuals for a relationship – possibly through a dating site. Make sure the dating site is well reviewed, trusted, etc.

• Always make sure you are 100% honest with anyone you intend to pursue an ENM relationship with.

• Remember these types of relationships are committed and romantically based. Keep in mind, as well, that those not involved in these types of relationships may be somewhat disapproving and/or judgmental. You may experience some backlash from friends, relatives, and others.

• The situation could be further complicated if you're already in a committed relationship. In that case, see the next section.

Please keep in mind that a step-by-step guide to any kind of dating is a relatively ridiculous concept. For each and every person, dating is different. Throw in the fact that there will be multiple people involved, and you bring in even more differences, opinions, ideals, etc. ENM dating – as with any kind of dating relationship – should be handled on a person by person, individualized basis.

Introducing ENM Dating To an Existing Relationship

Though this may or may not fly with your current partner, if you want to introduce the concept of ENM dating to them, here are some steps to consider taking:

• Self-reflection should be your first step. Make sure this is what you want before talking about it with your partner.

• See that your expectations are realistic. This is the kind of discussion that may not go over well with everyone, your partner included.

• The time and place for your discussion should be carefully thought out and planned. This is a topic that will be emotionally loaded, so you may want to avoid a scene in public.

• In the conversation, outline what your expectations, intentions, desires, and more are – for not only the talk you're having, but for your future.

• Listen carefully to what your partner has to say. You want them to be open-minded, but you need to be open to their feelings as well.

• Recognize the separation between your individual needs and the needs of the relationship.

• Help your partner out by giving them resources to become better acquainted with the relationship you're talking about and give them time to process the situation. How much time? That will depend on your partner.

Ready to pursue an ENM relationship?

Loving More Than One Wife at a Time

If polygamy is a way of life you want to consider, and now you're ready to commit to it, we, at Sister Wives, can help.

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