Live Separately Or Together? A Guide For Your Polygamy Relationships

Feb 15 '2023, 10:48 AM | By Chris

Thanks to websites like Sister Wives and others, interest in polygamy has increased. If you're curious about or considering a polygamy relationship, you may be wondering about living arrangements.

Is there a "typical" picture of a polygamous family? Each polygamous marriage, though sharing some of the same attributes, is as unique and individual as the people involved in it. There is no one right or wrong way to run a polygamous marriage, other than the need for everyone involved to be in agreement with the lifestyle and to be as open, honest, mature, and willing to communicate as possible.

One question that arises frequently from people not currently involved in polygamy is that of living arrangements. Do all the members of a polygamous marriage live together?

How Big Is Your Family?

For starters, with the relationships you can currently view on TV – where there are three wives, four wives, etc. – everyone living together may not present much of a problem. But in marriages that involve a significant number of wives – let's say a dozen or more – living together could prove to be challenging, to say the very least. For starters, the house itself would have to be massive!

The living situation for a polygamous marriage can be determined in the same manner that all other stipulations, rules, boundaries, familial/household duties, etc. are determined – it is discussed between the members of the family and a suitable arrangement is arrived upon. Here are some thoughts about living separately or together as a polygamous family.

Sharing Responsibilities

In many cases, one of the biggest perks of everyone living together is that the household chores, family/childcare, and more can be shared among all the wives. This allows more time for each woman to focus on things other than kids and housework – themselves, for example. A little self-care goes a long way.


Living apart is likely more financially taxing than everyone living together in the same residence. Utility bills, mortgages/rents, home insurance, property taxes, etc. add up quickly when multiple homes are involved. Not to mention indoor and outdoor maintenance. If a husband has to travel between homes, that's yet another expense.

Dealing with Feelings

Separate residences may help if jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, etc. have been experienced among the sister wives. They may not want to share a space with someone else if emotions are running high. It could also boil down to something as simple as one wife not caring for their kitchen, living area, laundry, etc. in the manner in which another wife is accustomed or prefers. Everyone has their own idea of how a home should be run and how it should look.

Bringing Children into the Picture

Emotional considerations are only further complicated when children are in the picture. Polygamist men, as much as possible, want to have their families together in many cases.

Just like some wives can't seem to coexist with each other, however, some children from different mothers may not be able to exist harmoniously in the same household.

Together but Separate

In some situations, it may be possible for a polygamous family to live together, yet separately, to an extent. Take for example a building that has a common kitchen/living room, but separate quarters for “couples” throughout the rest of the building.

Another possibility is that of a large apartment building, where each “couple” has their own apartment and never has to deal that closely with each other, unless they so choose. They’re in very close proximity, but they can still have lives/homes of their own.

Either of these could be an agreeable solution to a polygamous family unit that finds they need their own space on a frequent basis.

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