3 Financial Tips For Your Polygamous Marriage

Feb 27 '2023, 8:54 AM | By Chris

Where any relationship is concerned, one of the most complex issues can revolve around finances and money. If you are in a polygamous marriage, it can be even more difficult. Depending on any number of factors, finances can be handled differently. Does the husband live with more than one wife in multiple households? How many children are involved? Is there a primary relationship/partner that is prioritized?

Some husbands like to keep their finances to themselves while others are happy to share not only financial information but the obligation of "bringing home the bacon" with their wives. The financial arrangements in any polygamous marriage can be as unique as any and all other aspects of a relationship such as this.

Various Means of Support

As with any person, couple, or relationship involving multiple people, there are a number of ways that financial situations can be figured out. Some financial solutions include the following:

• The husband works one or more jobs

• Husband and wives all work outside the home

• Husband and only one wife work outside the home (here, other wives would be tasked with all childcare, housekeeping, indoor/outdoor home maintenance, etc. responsibilities)

• Children of legal employment age may choose to get part time jobs so they have their own spending money (or can contribute to the family finances)

• Offering in-home childcare/babysitting may be an option in some cases (other families drop their children off at your home so they can go to work, shopping, to social engagements, etc.)

• Numerous stay-at-home jobs are available today, as long as you have an Internet connection, computer, and/or phone

• Applying for government assistance

Saving Money Where You Can

The more frugally a family lives, the better their chances are of being able to make ends meet. The same can be said for basically any family unit, or even a single person living on their own. Cutting back on unnecessary spending will be extremely helpful.

Having a "family fund" – into which everyone contributes as often as possible – can also come in very handy in emergencies, for unexpected bills, for vacations, etc.

At the very least, the problem of childcare costs should be nonexistent, with so many wives capable of sharing household/childcare responsibilities.

Finances For Multiple Households

Polygamists who choose to live in multiple households – as opposed to everyone living under the same roof – can face any number of financial challenges.

Living apart will undoubtedly be more financially trying than if everyone simply lived together in the same building/home. Utility bills, home insurance, property taxes, mortgages/rents, etc. add up quickly when multiple homes are involved. You can add to that the cost of indoor and outdoor maintenance (e.g., plumbing repairs, roof replacements, lawn care, etc.). If a husband has to travel from home to home… to home, that's another added expense.

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