A Guide To Polygamy In The USA: 6 FAQs

Mar 8 '2023, 10:22 AM | By Chris

The topic of polygamy in the USA is indeed a hot one. For the most part, all 50 states remain committed to the criminalization of bigamy and, therefore, polygamy. Utah, however, has gone back and forth a couple of times since 2020. Currently, bigamy is once again illegal in Utah, but it is referred to as an "infraction" – similar to a speeding ticket.

Using a number of FAQs, here's a type of guide to polygamy in the USA. Keep in mind that the laws governing polygamy, bigamy, etc., and their enforcement, seem muddier than ever. That said, as of the writing of this piece, it is technically illegal in America.

Polygamy – What Is It?

The custom or practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time is referred to as polygamy. Two forms have existed, historically:

Polygyny: The practice or state of having more than one female mate or wife at a time.

Polyandry: The practice of having more than one male mate or husband at a time.

Is Polygamy Endorsed by the Bible?

Religion is a touchy subject. People believe different ideals and philosophies, engage in different practices, etc. Technically speaking, (per the Bible) God's original intention for marriage was made clear in the teachings of Jesus: One woman and one man. The tolerance of polygamy (and divorce) in the Old Testament, however, was – in theory – due to the "people's hardness of heart".

For Christians – Is Polygamy a Concern?

Once again, this is a question of religion and people view their “rules and regulations” differently, even within the same religion. There are Christians who believe that alternative lifestyles are not damning but, rather, those involved in them consider themselves devoted Christians.

Is Polygamy a Bona Fide Religious Practice?

Religious or not, in the United States, it's still illegal. On the other hand, in various parts of the world, polygamy is an accepted aspect of religion and/or culture.

Are Bigamy/Polygamy Laws Enforced Rigorously?

In most cases, particularly with polygamists staying just under the radar, the laws are hard to enforce. Many times, officials simply don't bother. Does this mean you can't be prosecuted if you knowingly engage in bigotry or polygamy? Unfortunately, you could be prosecuted if the laws don't change. A good attorney may be able to get the charges lessened or dropped, however, particularly in light of all the changes occurring in the United States regarding such laws.

Where Can You Meet Others Who Agree with Polygamy as an Alternative Lifestyle?

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