A Guide To Polygamy In The USA

Mar 11 '2023, 6:42 PM | By Chris

Currently, polygamy in the USA is illegal. One of the 50 states – Utah – has toyed with the idea of removing polygamy from the list of federal offenses. For whatever reason, after that idea was successfully pursued, it was reversed, somewhat. Polygamy is now considered an "infraction" in Utah – something like a speeding ticket. But if the federal polygamy law can be struck down, even temporarily, what does that say for the future of polygamy in America?

Times are changing. The rights of individuals who wish to pursue a polygamous relationship may one day be supported by the striking down of laws prohibiting this alternate lifestyle.

Polygamists in America

It is estimated that there are between 50,000 and 60,000 polygamists currently living in the United States. The fact that polygamy is against the law doesn't seem to discourage everyone. Are polygamists routinely prosecuted? No, not frequently. Does that mean you don't have to worry about being prosecuted as a polygamist? It does not. Caution and discretion both go a long way toward keeping you and your family safe and free from prosecution or persecution.

Remember that, not too long ago, gay marriage was also outlawed. That has changed where many states/cities are concerned. It is not without its challengers, of course. In many ways, the rights of heterosexual, monogamous United States citizens are seemingly more of a concern to politicians than are the rights of other citizens of America.

Politics aside, if you're going to be a polygamist in America, there are some things you should know.

Legal Versus Illegal – Technically

Because being married to more than one person is still illegal in America, some polygamous relationships describe their relationship in a manner that is more legally acceptable. While a polygamist may consider himself married to all four of his wives (we are just using the number four as an example), he would likely technically be legally married to just one and consider the other's spiritual mates/unions – or something along those lines.

Mixing Sexual Preferences

Group relationships can exist as well, but once again, legal marriage to more than one person in the relationship would not be possible in America. For example, certain couples might be legally married: wife/wife, husband/husband, husband/wife. They may make the decision to cohabit with another couple. In their minds, though not legally, they are all married to each other.

Surprisingly, the 2003 Supreme Court ruling "Lawrence Versus Texas," protects such arrangements (though marriage of all participants to each other is still not legally recognized). This ruling stated: "Liberty presumes an autonomy of self which incorporates the freedom of expression, belief, thought, and certain intimate conduct." Proponents of polygamy insist that this would be a perfect argument for the legalization of bigamy/polygamy.

Rules and Practices

Today, a polygamous relationship is defined as one husband and two or more women. There are also relationships that specify one woman/wife and numerous husbands. This is referred to as polyandry. As stated above, there are also group relationships that can consist of all women, all men, all heterosexuals, all homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals – you name it – or a mixture of any and all.

The rules and practices of a specific relationship – polygamy included – should be derived through discussion and consideration of all parties involved. What works for one group/family of polygamists may or may not work for a different group/family.

Coming Out

Although laws and some opinions have changed drastically in recent decades, some individuals with sexual preferences other than the accepted and/or traditional (in America) are still afraid to "come out". They keep their sexual preferences under wraps because they are fearful of persecution, prejudice, abuse, etc.

The same can be said for polygamists. In addition to being technically illegal, a polygamous lifestyle could, potentially, open the door to prejudice, abuse, and other types of persecution. It is 100% up to the people involved in the relationship whether or not they will "come out" as being involved in a polygamous relationship.

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