Polyamory Vs. Polygamy Vs. Polyandry: Learn The Difference

Mar 27 '2023, 11:50 AM | By Chris

There are numerous alternate lifestyles in existence compared to that of legal marriage in the United States and monogamy. Here, the following will be examined: Polyamory vs. polygamy vs. polyandry. After reading this, you may decide that an alternative lifestyle is something you'd like to dedicate yourself to, or at least try. Later, a service that can introduce you to others involved in polygamy – and how to get in touch with them – will be detailed.

First things first, however, let's learn the difference between polyamory, polygamy, and polyandry.


A person engaging in multiple sexual/romantic relationships is said to be practicing polyamory. If you believe you can love multiple people simultaneously, you may wish to be involved in this “practice/ethical” philosophy that includes responsible, honest, and non-possessive traits. Polyamory, rather than accepting established social norms (monogamy), emphasizes a conscious decision to have more than one partner at one time.

Any sexual orientation goes in relationships such as these, is dictated by the individuals involved in the relationship itself. These are romantic, intimate relationships with numerous consenting members at one time. People of mixed sexual orientations – versus everyone being gay or everyone being straight – can be involved in a polyamorous relationship, too.


When one spouse has more than one mate/spouse, it is referred to as polygamy. Thanks to TV, in part, many people view a polygamous relationship as having one husband and multiple sister wives. This is only partially correct. Anthropologically speaking, it can be a marriage that exists simultaneously between one person and at least two others in general.

One man being married to two women or more is, today, referred to as polygamy. When one woman is married to two or more men, it is referred to as polyandry.


This refers to multiple husbands with one woman. Polyandry does, however, exist in two forms:

Non-Fraternal Spouses: A woman marries husbands that are completely unrelated to each other.

Fraternal Spouses: A pair (or more) of sibling brothers is married to one woman.

In parts of China and Nepal, one wife can be married to two or more brothers, legally, with "sexual access" being available to her where each male party is concerned.

By the Numbers

Due to the fact that many polygamists like to stay just under the radar, numbers are hard to come by. It is thought, however, that today, in the United States, polygamy is practiced by roughly 60,000 people. In addition to your average Americans, these individuals include members of the Pan-African Ausar Auset society, Muslims, Hmong Americans, and other various ethnicities.

It is estimated that roughly 4 to 5% of the United States population practices polyamory.

In America, polyandry is not legal, nor is it widely practiced. This is not to say, however, that it doesn't exist in the United States.

Polygamy, Polyamory, or Polyandry? Which Is Right for You?

If you have questions about polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, and other alternate lifestyles, you are not alone. Questions are not uncommon. You should have access to the answers you need. For questions regarding polygamy and possibly even other lifestyle choices, why not talk directly to the people involved?

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