The Future of Poly Love

Mar 29 '2019, 5:21 PM | By Chris

Television shows and social media are exposing the masses to real polygamist families and to relationships involving more than two people on a daily basis. Shows like ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ and ‘Sister Wives’ have shown us the very real joys and struggles a polygamist family faces and how similar they are to all of us. Many of us have a friend or two on Facebook that are involved in a triad (or more) relationship and they have grown comfortable being public about their situation. Exposure is a key element in progress. With so many eyes being opened to other options for a love life we can expect the future of polyamorous and polygamist relationships to be bright. 

In the recent past the term polygamy carried a heavily negative connotation. It historically can bring up bad elements in a solely patriarchal approach to marriage. This is not to say a sister wife won’t want a patriarch to lead the family, but that most women today can make that choice. There will always be unfortunate circumstances, but as polygamy becomes better known, and less hidden, it will be easier for society to suss out the bad apples while better enabling the good ones. Rights to form relationships and marriages to match your situation are inevitable as we realize polygamist families are simply being true to their harmless desires. If people in a relationship want to find sister wives to join them it can do absolutely no harm to anyone not involved. As long as everyone involved is there by choice there is no reason for anyone to intervene and threaten the relationship. Acceptance of polygamy will continue to grow if we stay on the current path.

Polyamorous relationships have also had the good fortunate of more positive exposure. There is a wider range of relationship styles among polyamorous people and some of them even maintain elements of polygamist families or involve sister wives. The gay community has been an early adopter of triads or other multiple partner relationships. Not having a long standing tradition of marriage and monogamy made this an easier option for many gay people. The hetero community nowadays is not far behind. The realization that relationships belong to the people involved and should reflect only their desires is liberating. As more people find they are not alone in their feelings, and we don’t have to follow a preset formula to build relationships, monogamy as we know it will be increasingly less common. 

Polyamory does not equal unfaithful. Even a group of people in a relationship will usually want some form of commitment. The level of commitment and level of sexual freedom depends on the individuals involved and can change over time. Sometimes a polygamist family will be looking for a new sister wife and other times they will be focusing on the existing family. A triad may spend some time dating others to grow their relationship but otherwise enjoy a closed situation. An interesting aspect of poly love is the greater attention to sharing and exploring new ideas about love and sex. The openness makes the ability to stay on the same page as your partner/s much easier. Even monogamous couples can decide to occasionally play with others as polyamory becomes more understood and accepted socially. 

With all progress comes a backlash. Some people just cannot stand to see others living happy lives when it doesn’t match their opinion of a good and happy life. There is nothing you can do about people like this. The only response is to continue loving yourself, loving your partners, and loving your family. Keeping your relationships happy and healthy will make the naysayers sound like a tiny peep instead of a loud roar. 

The future for polyamorous and polygamist people is bright. Society will adjust policies and standards to accommodate new realities in modern relationships. Progress is already underway in redefining what relationships can be and progress is relatively fast once it begins. In the year 2000 most people didn’t think they’d live to see gay marriage legalized nationally in the United States yet by the end of the decade that’s exactly what happened. Once society begins to realize they have views based on false information and fear it changes quickly. Polyamory is the latest frontier in the never ending quest for a more free and fulfilling world. Multiplying love is a beautiful thing.   

Published By: Christopher Alesich

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