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Hubby enjoys making the most of the weekend. That includes road trips. He is an excellent driver which is wonderful because I really do not like driving! After settling some important business in NY he took me to an amazing outdoor/indoor museum near Princeton, NJ. It had wonderful sculptures outside throughout the acres. Massive abstract, realistic and sometime just plain odd sculptures all along paths that we could walk on.

The place is called Grounds for Sculptures or Sculpture gardens.  I had mentioned to him a few weeks back that a friend told me about the place and that I wanted to go. It was a lovely surprise.

Later he took us to Newtown, PA where we stayed overnight at a historic hotel and enjoyed time at the outdoor bar. Good food and excellent conversations.

Personally, I really look forward to wonderful loving woman that will join our family and we can take such excursions together and enjoy our life.

xox, Wifey

Jpearce Jun 5 · Tags: travel, food, art

     I'll try to make this as concise as possible without going too far off subject. There is so much out there in the world unknown to us that I'm not going to pretend that I even have a grasp of it. I do know that I do understand the things that directly affect me and the world I live in. Having said that, in terms of people and relationships specifically, polygamy seems to happen everyday, right in front of us, we're currently in them, and don't even realize it. If defining polygamy as a non-monogamous relationship is the basis, with the self-intended creation of a relationship being the cause, then in general, the following could be included:

    Baby-mama/ multiple marriages: If you are in/ have a past relationship that involves children that in the new/ current relationship requires you to be a part of their lives, then the new relationship is required to recognize/ accept the connections that bond you to the previous relationship, even if they have now become friendships. This only increases as new relationships are formed past the 2nd one, whether it was someone's 2nd to 3rd marriage with children in each of them, or if it was of the one-night stand situation, or even a combination of the two, AND this has NO bearing on any of the relationships being good OR bad.

     Mistresses/ Beau: Those of the political scene know that this is an accepted standard, where the politician is married, but has had extramarital affairs that they must now acknowledge, and /or is engaging in currently . The list is TOO long to even begin with, but you can start with the current president Trump, Clinton, heck, probably most of them fools on the hill, etc.  This also includes our own family members, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Remember all the whispering at the family cookout when some kids show up that look VERY familiar, like you know them but this is the first time you've met them, then someone asks, "Who's your daddy?" 

     Extended families: This includes intended relationships that are there to support other friends, while creating bonds that are exclusive to that group of members. Think "The Fast And Furious", or even the village-style support for taking care of deceased friends and family-member's surviving spouses/ children, whether for emotional, financial, or physical support (Think Military/ Armed Forces Family). Being of a military family, I have seen a lot of that happen.

     Positive relationships with previous relationships: Exes, past boyfriends/ girlfriends that didn't work out when they were dating each other but they are better as friends, such intimate knowledge of each other may strengthen the relationship, but may cause some insecurity and jealousy of the new relationship, especially if your ex is your best friend.

     Please note, none of this is to be consider negative or positive. It is just an observation of the various relationship that I see happen everyday, yet the only LEGALLY accepted status is for the monogamous design. Curious as to why that is when polygamous situations happens more often than not.

I have always fet in a part of me that this is how it is meant to be. 3 means so much in so many ancient texts and believes, why not in out lifes? More love, more support, a friend alsways by your side. I'm coming to bnelive it's not possible, all these dateing sites just want a hookup but thats not what this is about. I wanta wife, a sister wife. To love and cherish spoile. Ando sometimes I feel like Im crazy for it but who has the right to tell me this tisnt how its meant to be? Im fun, down to earth, educated, work a great job and fincially secure.
barnerbeautiful May 24 · Rate: 4.60 · Comments: 5
I am new to the polygamy life but I have talked to many families and some felt promising but failed. I feel like a lot of the failure with the families were because the families wanted things to move too fast and wanted me to just go along with it. I want that connection and the certainty with the family that God brings to me so I feel like it shouldn’t be rushed. I have an opened mind to things but I don’t believe rushing into a family without security of forever not just in the moment. I will keep staying encouraged that the family I am looking for is out there!
shanequas May 20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

Can someone please tell me why it is unlawful in US and Canada to conduct polygamy. To me, it makes no sense. Aren't their special interest groups out there to abolish this unnecessary law?

To some extent, I can understand if the parliament does not want to consider the second spouse with regards to rules around child benefits, taxation etc. but having a law that prohibits polygamy seems so unnecessary.

Religiously speaking, polygamy is allowed in Islam and probably also allowed in other religions at least Christianity.

It seems like doing the right thing is frowned upon but the state does not find any problem with having strip clubs sand brothels.

iqbalanas May 12 · Comments: 10 · Tags: law, islam, christianity
We are back on here to try and find a co-wife.

After talking to a few different females, we decide to keep searching.

Trying to find a mentally / emotionally stable woman who is serious about this lifestyle is definitely a tedious task. 

Don't be shy, reach out, we don't bit unless you want us to!

I tend to glance at the list of users who have viewed our profile fairly regularly and saw a profile announcing that the site was full of "fakes and aggressive men" and it inspired me to write a blog post on a topic I have had in mind for a while.

I do not disagree with this person in the slightest in their assessment that the site...and all of the others are likely to be the same realistically... is full of fakes and aggressive men.

The fakes are frequently just simple scammers and honestly you have to be a full on lumphead to fall for the kind of obvious cut and paste from a translator bot message that will pop up. Seriously... does anybody really think that a bunch of girls from Ghana are clambering to get into plural families in the states? Anyway, scams happen all the time and this is the internet boys and girls,  it is part of the environment.  The actual troublesome ones are the fakes from the point of view that they are not serious and are just looking to get an ego stroke or to jack with those plig weirdos or whatever. Tonnes of them on these sites. 

With respect to the aggressive guys, I can just assume that they are the assholes who are either trying to larp polygamy because of some fantasy and again ego stroke issue or they are the sort of douche that has managed to bully or convince their frequently unwilling wives into this search with claims that God is talking to them directly in a big booming voice so he can use her faith against her or some other scam perhaps involving fear of losing financial support for her and her kids. The reason being in the end that he wishes to have regular sexual access to another woman. This sort of beta dickhead is not really going to come in many flavors but aggressive is certainly one of the most popular .

Now don't get me wrong... I am not white  knighting the girls on here at all. They leave so much to be desired that it makes me all the more thankful that I met and married one of the few real gems that really was looking to be part of a plural family. 

The vast majority of woman on here are just simply ill mannered brats that I would not have at all. While a man is absolutely the head of the family, a man should not be forced to reraise a woman he has married and try to undo all of the apparently shoddy work that her parents did in teaching her the bone basics of how to treat people.

I know that just about every serious couple on here who is seeking a sisterwife has experienced the ghosting treatment from the singled women (presuming that they are A. Single B. Women ((what the hell is wrong with people that they have nothing better to do?)) C. Seriously looking for a family instead of screwing around.). They exchange a few messages and or emails and then puff of smoke and the girl is gone. No warning, no 'Thanks but I don't think we are a match' or anything.

Now don't get to thinking I am just being butthurt that some girls ghosted me. A. Noooope. See the profile. Not looking for another wife. Maybe someday but right now we are just trying to network with the community. B. As i previously mentioned, I would not have the ones with such bad manners gift wrapped. I do not wish to spend my life in a contentious marriage with a brat I have to reeducate on courtesy and consideration for others as opposed to the shallow narcissist who can not be bothered considering the time or feelings of others. There are some couples here who really get ahead of themselves emotionally after a few exchanges and while that is not some random girls fault, she should be aware of the effect just blowing them off has. Lots give up just because some woman was not interested in thinking beyond the end of her nose. I/we have been happy to meet and chat with women here but we sure are not going to come out of the gate as anything but plain old friendly and certainly not flirty or whatever.

Yeah I know... 'but a lot of guys are assholes and won't take a polite no'... or 'I get so many emails I am overwhelmed' etc etc. Yeah? Is this your first time on the internet as a female? These are such common issues with such common solutions that I don't see them as valid complaints. Just part of the equation with online seeking of any kind. 

So to my mind the couples who get ghosted by the women with bad manners, just move along and be glad. Glad that you found out about this character flaw after a couple of notes back and forth. Imagine how much worse it would be if it seemed to work out only to have the rug pulled out much further along... I mean that genuinely. It could be so so much worse. Nobody is here, whether it is as a single woman or a couple, to get their emotional guts ripped out. 

Noblequest May 8 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
First I just want to say I will be uploading more pics soon. 

I am posting this to put my heart and mind out there for everyone asking themselves why polygamy? 

I wanted to talk to you all about this subject and not only the attraction that all of us have regarding it but the whys behind this attraction. 

Polygamy first of all has always been and will always be. It is an everlasting principle. I believe it is the foundation and bedrock for some of the most blessed and happiest families that will ever exist. It is not for everyone but it is for those who have this one element besides a desire for polygamy. The man must be the right man for the job and this is the grand key about this subject. 

In life, if you are like everyone else, at some point we see an example or hear about a new idea or product and either incline to that idea or decline to that idea and are there for against it. Though there are so many nay sayers concerning the subject of polygamy one almost has to avoid mentioning it altogether with almost anyone. The truth is man does not have the high capacity to dictate  how reality should be for everyone. But it seems many desire to play the role of an Almighty God. Or, in other words many have decided to cast their thoughts of judgment as if they are God concerning monogamy and polygamy. But, the truth remains, there is truly only one opinion that will rule the Minds of all, the universe and even worlds with out number unto man, and it his thoughts alone that will produce the fruit and or actions, wishes and dreams concerning ones desires for a polygemous family. This person I am speaking of is God. The idea of polygamy and the success of it has never come from man to BEGIN with. Sure, some men or kings have sought this out selfishly it is true, but the most important thing to realize concerning this idea of polygamy is that the idea never truly came from man to begin with. It came from God. This should bring you and I comfort and security knowing not only that this is only real truth about this subject but peace of mind knowing there is nothing wrong with you and your desires. But why Polygamy? 

In the latter day saints church i know stands the answer. That is, I mean on the grand scale, and or the big picture or on the macrocosm of all things pertaining to this life l mean. Instead of me reciting to you these answers found in the restored gospel may I instead refer you to a latter day scripture that will help you to understand this principle better, even to a perfection. Doctrine and Covenants 132. If you google this you can learn about why polygamy according to the views of an all consuming and over arching and an almighty God which has come to us via true and very real llatter day prophets. 

Sure, we will surely have our own personal views on it and how nice it would be to have a best friend sister wife/co mother of all your children which will come into your family and on an earthly scale and a temporal view, this is true, and can be enjoyable to think on. 

Polygamy i believe will bless the lives of children and families in many fold ways by providing 

1. More support 24/7 even 

2. Less Day Care Bill's which means

3. More Savings and a higher income 

4. More friends, thoughts and conversations and the counsel of our family. 

5. More talents to rejoice in, learn from, and grow together in the family such as art, cooking, and music. 

6. Less Bill's on psychology services 

7. More love between all members of the family

8. More children. (This is a Blessing and the main reason why Polygamy is permitted by God) 

9. More accountability to getting daily tasks done such as work, house chores, bills being paid on time and accountability which is GREAT. 

10. More honor, compassion and love is given to each spouse both from husband to wives, wives to husband and probably the most important and t hr glue behind it all which will hold the family together very well the love between and from wife to wives. 

 I believe Women should want to marry into a polygamist marriage for the comanionship between sisters 100% alon? This is the one component that can never be undermined or overlooked. Jealousy between wives has absolutely no place in a  successful polygamous marriage. None. Nor comparing or jealousy or hatred should ever exist in this kind of a marriage. The tendencies of comparing and jealousy come truly and only from definicies with in the mind and heart. How? What are you really saying? You are probably asking. Well, the truth Is a husband can never fill this void in wifes heart, ever. There is only one who can. This one person is God alone and or Jesus Christ and his precious in other words. Once a polygamist wife has an abundance of love from God through Jesus Christ, The following blessings will surely surely come to pass. 

1. She will know her true value there for does not NEED constant affirming of her value from either a fellow sister wife or her husband. 

2. Is now never alone because she has paid the high price in delighting hersef in diligent prayer so as to come to truly know God , in a VERY REAL WAY, just as prophets of old came to know God personally. There is little difference here in truth believe it or not. 

3. She also Now has Gods love surrounding her in every fiber of her being and she now feels 100% loved and beautiful by God FIRST, and in every way so that she never feels the need to compare herself with another wife as to question if she is good enough. She is unique in her own way and knows she is loved. 

5. She no longer roominates and broods about whether she is the favorite wife or not. This type of negative narcissistic and selfish thinking is also truly destrucive thinking has now left their family all together there by creating more peace, love, acceptance and tranquility. She has now become a blessing and not a burden in this matter to her family because once again she know her worth with or with out affirmation in truth. 

Selfishness is the root of so many problems with in a polygamous family. Also, not having the kind of structure that ensures that each wife is being treated as a dear and a highly valued friend and wife apposed to a disposable concubine. 

If a man has a wife and marrys another he must ensure she is being completely equal generally along side with the first wife. Any less treatment is in a way making a new wife into a concubine in some ways. If equal time isn't given, and equal respect, and structure such as a booked calander that is adhered to the question that would be left with the new NAMED wife is are you alright being treated like a concubine instead? I am happy to say I truly believe most of you reading this have a good enough head on your shoulders to know how to rightly treat a new addition of a wife to your family. I wrote this for those of you who may struggle to understand that there is a huge difference in how a man should treat two wives compared to a wife and a concubine. 

The truth is, for the right man, this life style can be lived in righteousness. 

 I hope you all find what you Feel God has truly put on your heart concerning this subject. 

I just found this site today after trying others. Please don't anyone judgeme. Like I said I'm very new to this and still learning. On another site I did begin to talk to another couple. I started having feelings for the husband. Then I had a wake up call. It was not the marriage for me and I almost came close to packing up my bags and moving out of state to be with them. The reason I said it was not for me because that marriage was not about me being equal to the husband and first wife. Joining there family would have required me to change myself completely to fit what they desired and for me to be miserable because basically I had to fake it to be with them. It seemed like with the husband it was more about sex. I was considered selfish and unsubmissive if I didn't perform sexually the way he wanted. The wife....i was required to stay home, clean, cook and tend to their children while they worked. That's not what I had planned for myself, even in a monogamous relationship. I wss considered selfish and unsubmissive for not wanting to. Also I had to change my eating, my physical appearance, etc to suit him. I was not allowed to go anywhere outside the house without a family member. The excuse was that wanting to do things on my own was saying I didn't want to be with family. I felt like that was an excuse for just keeping me under watchful eyes. I mean every marriage is different. Some might be willing. I woke up and realise I felt like it was controlling, they was selfish, I was going to be a sex slave, maid and nanny. I was just a grown child. I had no say so, no compromising so I could be happy, nothing about that relationship included me in it. I might be wrong for feeling that way but I experienced other couples only about sex and wanting me to be bisexual. So can someone teach me the true marriage of Poly and set my mind at ease that this is the right thing for me. That all couples are not like that. 
latonyal Apr 25 · Comments: 6
Hello everyone,

It's been quite a while since last I was here. So much so that the site looks completely different. But I am back now for some time. I am in a new city with a new job.

I am in New Braunfels, TX which is in between Austin and San Antonio. I am 15 mins from 2 beautiful rivers which are a delight to spend the day relaxing on. This area in the Hill Country of TX is gorgeous.

I am still looking for those to call my family. 

If you are interested in talking don't hesitate to contact me.

TexasJD Apr 21 · Tags: hello, back, still looking
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