Never Too Late to Poly Date

Jul 26 '2020, 2:57 PM | By Chris

Old habits are hard to break. This includes dating and lifestyle habits we’ve adopted through our years of life. It’s especially true when social pressure is a factor in forming the life that is expected of us. 

Millions of people are in marriages that aren’t necessarily unhappy, but feel like something is missing. Millions are also single and can’t seem to find the love life that really works for them. It’s not a result of people being insufficient or incapable of healthy relationships, rather it’s a result of adhering to illogical limitations we tend to force on each other. The mere mention of a polygamous family or polyamorous group of lovers too often garners reactions more suited to criminal behavior. 

Why so many people insist on holding everyone to a standard that fails so often is a mystery for the ages. If you have considered exploring polygamy or polyamory, don’t give up on the idea just because you’re getting up in years. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many wonderful people you’ll meet. Even if you, and your current partner if you have one, never get involved with anyone else beyond friendship, you can still gain a wealth of experience you won’t regret.

The sooner the better is certainly true in many facets of life. If you had washed a sink full of dishes yesterday you wouldn’t be adding to the pile today. Humans have a tendency to find comfort in complacency. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a ‘bless this mess’ attitude in life, finding ways to progress and accomplish goals effectively leads to greater happiness. Is your marriage on the rocks even though you love each other dearly? Are you ignoring problems in order to keep the peace? 

Dating someone else together might be exactly what you need. It provides an adventure into something new to share, a new perspective, new energy, and possibly a whole new piece that’s been missing from your life together. If you’re single and cannot find a person that makes you feel complete in a relationship, perhaps it’s time to give an existing couple a chance? There is no one size fits all when it comes to matters of the heart.

A modernized version of polygamy has been gaining appeal in recent years, largely due to TV shows and other media depicting very ‘normal’ 

families living a polygamous lifestyle. Looking for a sister wife or looking to become a sister wife has become far easier with online options and greater acceptance socially. For women that find the idea of a lifetime serving one husband lonely, becoming a sister wife can be a dream come true. Polygamy offers the option for her to have more than one husband as well, if she were to choose that direction. If you’re part of a happy couple, or single with a lot to offer, don’t let your age stand in the way of offering a good home to a good person (or

people) that can be a great asset to your life. Even if you’re not comfortable revealing the nature of your poly relationship publicly, it’s your business, and all your joy to gain.

Polyamorous and polygamy dating can be complicated if you’re unable to keep a light heart about it in the beginning. An existing couple can’t treat every person they meet like they’re ‘the one,’ just like a single person can’t get too hung up on every couple they meet. It can be tough because the dating pool is a bit smaller, but don’t jump into a poly situation just for the sake of it. Treat poly dating like it’s something fun and let relationships evolve naturally. Showing too much interest too quickly can cause rifts in existing relationships as well, so be mindful of your affections. Keep calm and carry on, as they say. True love and happiness cannot be forced.

So far, we’ve discussed considering poly and polygamy dating as a relevant option for people that are just no longer young pups. What about people that are getting into what we consider the elderly years? 

Relationships for the older generation serve different purposes than for younger people. Considering the increasing need for help in everyday life as we age, polyamory is a wonderful option for elderly people. 

Imagine a family of 7 all over 70 years in age. The laughs they would share alone would make life pure joy. Beyond that, each of them using their ability to help each other maintain health and longevity is a perfect solution for the dwindling capacities that come with age. The older generation right now might be the hardest to convince, yet they stand to benefit the most. Younger generations today will be able to experience the benefits of sharing love and life with multiple people as they age far more commonly, and we should be thankful for it. Not to get too dark, but imagine not having to be so alone when you lose a loved one. Life throws a lot of difficult times our way. Facing the hard times with multiple lovers committed to your happiness can carry you smoothly through the darkness and back to the light.

Again, love is not a one size fits all concept. Lovers and relationships will come and go, marriages will fail or last, and many people will never consider polygamy or polyamory a viable option. Some people are happy to embrace complacency because change can be big and scary. Change is a little scary, progress is often difficult, and growth doesn’t come without growing pains. Getting past fear will be one of life’s greatest accomplishments if you achieve it. Building a polyamorous love life, or family, will take work and might feel impossible at times. However, if you’re one of the people that feels the poly lifestyle would work for you, embrace your good fortune and never be afraid to start exploring.

Published By: Christopher Alesich 

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