7 Facts You Should Know About Ethical Polyamory

Dec 10 '2022, 5:19 PM | By Chris

To many individuals, the concept of ENM relationships (ethical non-monogamy relationships) is alien, to say the least. Yet, in Western society, relationships such as these are already very prevalent. It's just that they're not always expressed in such concrete terms.

One example of ethical polyamory could be dating, depending on your view. Is the fact that you are dating more than one person a display of non-monogamy? Or do you need to be in a serious relationship – and still seeing others romantically – in order for it to be considered non-monogamy?

Here, we'll look at a number of facts regarding the topic of polyamory.

These Relationships Are a Choice between Partners

Currently, polyamory is looked upon as a choice. Are some people simply hardwired for a non-monogamous lifestyle? That topic is up for debate. Here's how polyamory is reviewed, at least for the time being: As long as you feel comfortable within the relationship, and you find a consenting partner (or partners), the choice is yours.

In Polyamorous Relationships, Communication and Consent Are Important

Affirmative consent is the root of ethical non-monogamy. So the relationship can work, effective communication regarding each person's needs is a crucial aspect of a healthy polyamorous relationship. Communication is the cornerstone of consent, and consent is a necessary aspect of polyamory.

Even Polyamorous Individuals Can Change Their Minds

If, indeed, you gave the polyamorous lifestyle a try and decided it's just not for you, that's okay. Nothing says you have to devote the rest of your life to being in a non-monogamous relationship. There's a lot to be said, after all, for monogamy. It's a personal choice.

Various Deal Breakers Apply to Each Polyamorous Person/Relationship

With their partners, polyamorous individuals have parameters that relate to their specific relationship. Different relationships can follow a different set of "rules" than another. What constitutes cheating, for example, in one relationship may be perfectly allowable in another one.

This Isn't a New Trend

Ethical non-monogamy and polyamory are not trends or a new phenomenon. In many indigenous populations, it has been practiced for centuries. It some spiritual texts, it can even be found.

Committed Relationships Are Typical Of Polyamorous People

Though numerous partners exist in a polyamorous relationship, this doesn't mean casual sex. These relationships are committed, devoted, and consensual. They are considered serious relationships.

It's Not As Uncommon As You Might Think

Within the United States, it's hard to tell how many people may be involved in polyamory. Individuals who practice non-monogamy may amount to somewhere between 1.28 to 2.4 million. In other relationships, "satellite lovers" may be allowed in some 9.8 million situations. The point is that it’s not at all uncommon. Polyamory is, in fact, approved of by almost 70% of single people.

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