7 Benefits Of Polygamy You Can't Get In A Monogamous Relationship

Mar 6 '2023, 11:17 AM | By Chris

You may have seen TV shows about polygamy. It may, in fact, have even piqued your curiosity. What's it like to be married to more than one person at the same time? Are there actually benefits of polygamy over other lifestyles?

Unfortunately for polygamists, the practice of being married to more than one individual at the same time is still considered illegal in the United States. On the other hand, in various parts of the world, it is not only common but an accepted religious practice.

It is estimated that there could be between 50,000 and 60,000 polygamists currently living and practicing in America. Numbers are hard to come by because many polygamists fear persecution or prosecution, so they fly just under the radar.

Here's the thing… There is actually any number of benefits to polygamy, particularly over monogamous relationships. Don't believe that? Check out the following.

More Stability

A man can extend his genetic durability by choosing to have multiple wives. In nature, only 3% of mammals participate in established, dedicated couples. With several females, a male may copulate, in order to pass more of his genes on to prosperity.

An Expressed Mutual Agreement

The rules and patterns imposed by society can become routine and monotonous when a relationship is monogamous. Day by day, due to boredom and predictability, coexistence can become more conflicted and complicated.

Many people involved in monogamous relationships also end up being involved in cheating. Because mutual agreement is established in a polygamous relationship, conflicts decrease. All parties support, trust, and communicate with each other.

All Women Find a Mate

Potentially, every female can find a partner in a polygamous society. This even applies if there is a significantly lesser proportion of men in relation to that of women.

Solves the Problem of High Rates of Male Mortality

Polygamy can support population growth in countries with high male mortality rates, thus assisting with the area's reconstruction.

You Always Have Company

The benefits of polygamy can extend past the husband to the wives. The sister wives can share household chores and enjoy the company of other sister wives. Within a polygamous marriage, the burden on older women can be considerably reduced by younger women.

Receive Care Post-Retirement

If numerous descendants are a result of polygamy, once a father reaches the age of retirement, the children can look after him.

Increased Sexual Satisfaction

A man's sexual needs are more thoroughly and completely satisfied when he can have relationships with a number of women simultaneously. Rather than cheating on his wife, because he's in a monogamous relationship, a man who craves "more" can turn to another sister wife in a polygamous relationship.

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