A Guide To Polygamy Weddings

Mar 15 '2023, 9:14 PM | By Chris

Even in America, ethical polyamory/polygamy and non-monogamy are gaining more acceptability and visibility. Along with this developing trend, more and more people are curious about polygamy weddings and how to go about putting one together.

As far as legality is concerned, there is some important information you should know regarding polyamorous or polygamous weddings. Unfortunately, for inspiration and guidance, there are very few resources. Here, we will briefly touch on a number of topics regarding polygamy weddings.

The Legality of a Polygamist Wedding

In America, in all 50 states, polygamy is illegal. These days, it isn't taken quite as seriously in Utah – but it is illegal throughout America, nonetheless. Even if you travel to a location in the world where polygamous marriages are legal, and somehow manage to marry all of your wives there, a legal marriage to each and every wife will not be recognized in America.

In many cases, in America, polygamists legally marry one wife. They then consider their other wives – or refer to them as – spiritual unions/mates. While "domestic relationships" with more than one person may be recognized in certain Massachusetts areas, legal marriage to more than one person still is not.

The Workings of a Polygamist Wedding

Most polygamists’ weddings, due to polygamy being illegal, have no legal backing but are, instead, "commitment ceremonies". No special privileges or rights are provided by these ceremonies, unlike legal civil unions or marriage. To "take the next step" in a relationship and formalize it, ceremonies such as these are, more or less, for the individuals involved in the relationship and their friends/relatives. It's a way to express their commitment.

Wedding Ideas for Polygamists

The wedding ideas for polygamists are, more or less, a mirror image of traditional, monogamous marriage ceremonies with minimal differences. Naturally, the person who will officiate the ceremony will have to be in agreement with the polygamist’s lifestyle. Additionally, anyone who is invited to the ceremony should be supportive.

Just like members of the LGBTQ+ community can have problems finding halls, officiants, cake makers, entertainment, etc. – once they've made it clear what type of relationship is going on – polygamists can run into the same problems.

It's up to the members of the relationship to decide whether or not they want to "come out" to the public and/or to the people/companies they need to work with in order to plan/go through with a polygamous wedding/ceremony.

Vows and Other Traditions

As with a traditional wedding, some polygamists choose to write their own vows. Each participant in the ceremony can recite a vow. There is also the option of a unity ceremony, in which all participants, more or less, recite the same vow together.

Any tradition that would ordinarily be observed at a standard, monogamous wedding can, for the most part, be incorporated into a polygamous ceremony. It all depends on the participants/guests, your venue, and more.

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