Keeping Poly Romance Alive

Apr 17 '2019, 11:57 PM | By Chris

Relationships are work. The daily grind puts a big damper on many of the fantasies we strive to explore with our lovers. Growing apart or losing the romantic spark are unfortunate possibilities as the years wear away on any relationship. Polygamous and Polyamorous relationships face unique challenges in the attempt to hang on to the romance. Multiple partners adds a level of complexity that can be daunting. If jealousy or resentment infects a relationship it is usually fatal. Everyone in your group or family needs to be committed to each other and to the efforts required to maintain a healthy love life for everyone involved. 

It’s not uncommon for a sister wife to feel a little jealous about the amount of time they have with their husband. If her husband is dating a new sister wife he may be investing more energy in her for some time until she is comfortable in her new family. Polygamy Dating and home life can be complicated. During a pregnancy it’s understandable for a polygamist husband to focus more attention on a pregnant sister wife at the expense of the others. Situations that require more attention on one or another are simply inevitable. The health of a polygamist family relies on everyone respectfully communicating their grievances and working to understand circumstances rather than allowing jealousy or resentment to take over. 

Polyamorous groups or families face similar challenges. If the relationship is open it can only be expected that jealousy will pop up from time to time. Knowing your partner, or partners, are out sharing romance with others takes a great deal of trust and patience. Polyamorous dating ebbs and flows. Seeing your partner excited about someone new while you can’t even get a response from anyone is the worst! Rather than resenting your lover you should share in the excitement. A time will come when you’re meeting people and your partner is having a dry spell. Better to know you can lift each other up through these times instead of feeling bad for enjoying yourself. Sharing the joy will enhance the joy and could lead to sharing your dates and maybe growing your relationship as well. 

Mistakes will be made. Details will be overlooked when you’re asking about how your partner met someone or how the date went. Boundaries will be stretched and emotions will be tested. Every time something isn’t perfect there is a chance for resentment to settle in. Of course there are unacceptable things like outright lies and intentional deceit, but those are red flags signaling bigger issues. When your partner makes a mistake, and you know they were not out to hurt you, you have to let it go. If you can’t let it go, or it’s unforgivable in your eyes, end the relationship. Don’t stay in a relationship if you’re incapable of real forgiveness. Resentment will block any chance of lasting romance. 

Even closed polyamorous groups aren’t without struggles. A happy home with five happy lovers cannot expect every day to be rosy. Pairing up based on similar interests isn’t uncommon in a closed poly group or family. Two gardening lovers may spend the most time together while two night owls end up spending every Friday night out together. None of this means the group should split off. It’s normal to be drawn to people that share similar interests. It does mean to be cautious. Unintentionally causing a lover to feel left out or lonely is no fun. Efforts should be made for the entire group to spend time together and for each person to spend time with each other individually. One night a week dedicated to everyone being together would go a long way. By avoiding behaviors that bring division to your group, and deliberately celebrating your poly love, you can expect romantic moments to easily find their way in. 

Forcing romance is cringe worthy. It just cannot be done. Romance can, however, be ruined quite easily. Harboring anger, resentment, or jealousy not only kills romance, it slowly kills you! People that are unable to forgive and let things go have dismal prospects in any dating or relationship situation. They are, essentially, toxic people and we all know what to do with toxic people. Kick them to the curb before they curb check your happiness. Any two or more people that are committed to each others bliss, and are working to build each other up, will experience natural romantic moments that won’t soon be forgotten. Find sister wives or lovers that love to love. You have more power when you first meet someone new so trust your gut instincts and remember not to compromise so much you lose yourself in a loveless relationship. Waiting for the right lovers will pay off by giving all of you a lifetime of delightful romance. 

Published By: Christopher Alesich

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