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Are you looking to enter a poly relationship? Consider joining a dating app for polyamorists. Other than the obvious options like geolocation, preference-based filtering, privacy protections, and security measures, there are top dating app features that are designed to boost user-to-user engagement. In this guide, we've outlined various dating app features that qualify the best poly dating app for you so that you can make the right choice.

Advanced Search

When it comes to choosing a spouse, everyone can already picture who they want based on certain speculations. While some people only want a friend or a date, others may be in search of a long-term companion. In addition, people may have preferences about things like age, religion, gender, or zodiac sign. It is essential to offer extensive search options with filters in order to enable users to focus their search. To quickly get the necessary results, the filter you choose would be built utilizing tight algorithms.

In-app Chat and Messaging

A dating app must include text messaging, but users want full-featured chat with voice notes, videos, and image filters. It improves user interactions and increases the likelihood of real-world relationships by making conversation less formal and more engaging.

Voice and Video Calling

Users may go beyond text chat into something more intimate and personal with voice and video calling services, which with filters also provide your app a chance to make money by making this a paid premium feature. Using an app that features voice and video calling gives you a shot at developing a bond quicker with your ideal partner.

Gamified User Profiles

A vital component of every dating app is the user profile, which is at the top of any dating site feature list. Typically, it includes some fundamental details like gender, age, location, a clever slogan to add personality, a list of hobbies, and a few pictures. Basic user profiles alone, however, have very little, if any, influence on user engagement, as we have observed with various dating applications and platforms.

Using a dating app with this feature will assist you in creating your own engaging profiles that allow you to express your unique personality.

Profile Recommendation

To assist users in locating their ideal match on the app for romance, love, and dating, the majority of dating apps provide a search function or filtering options. However, AI has the potential to elevate this entire situation by automatically showing or endorsing the profiles that correspond to your relationship preferences or search filter that you have specified in your profile.

Ice Breakers

It doesn't follow that users would start the first chat on their own even after a match has been formed. The reason is that making the initial move might be scary for many individuals. In this situation, icebreakers are useful.

Using an app that provides you with simple icebreakers like trivia and rapid-fire questions to help you start a discussion with an ideal partner is necessary. This helps you to find people interested in having or being in poly relationships.

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Having more than one spouse or wife, but officially polygyny is defined as having more women than males. Polyandry occurs when a woman has more than one spouse. Around the world, it comes in a variety of forms. In certain societies, brothers will share a single lady. In some, a father and his son share a woman. In some, men have several wives; in Ethiopia's Arsi area, that number might reach 11. In many cases, a widow's brothers, father, or even a son by another woman inherit the estate of her deceased husband.

Many nations have laws that protect women's rights, even if polygamy rules are often biased against women and enable males to have numerous marriages. For instance, in Burkina Faso, where polygamy is widespread, the couple must initially agree that the union would be polygamous before the husband is permitted to take another wife. Before granting a marriage contract with a second wife in Djibouti, a court takes into consideration the opinions of the current wives and looks into the husband's socioeconomic status.

How Common are Polygamous Relationships?

More than a thousand societies were surveyed by the University of Wisconsin in 1998. Only 186 of them were monogamous. 453 people experienced polygyny on occasion, and 588 more people had it rather frequently. Four of them were polyandrous.

Polygamy has allegedly been the norm throughout human history, according to certain anthropologists. According to a 2003 article in the New Scientist magazine, up until 10,000 years ago, very few males had fathered the majority of offspring. According to DNA variations, the distribution of X chromosomes indicated that certain males may have contributed more genes to the gene pool than others. However, the majority of women appeared to be able to pass on their genes. According to this, humans were at least "mildly polygynous" like their monkey ancestors.

The animist and Muslim populations of West Africa frequently practice polygamy. For instance, in Senegal, many women are reportedly involved in approximately 47% of marriages. In many Arab countries, it is still quite high; in Israel, it is around 30% among the Bedouin population. As many as 10,000 conservative Mormons, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, lived in polygamous homes in 2005.

How Did Polygamy Begin?

It is unknown to everyone, however, there are hints. It is especially prevalent in regions where pre-colonial economic activity was centered on subsistence farming, which demands a large amount of labor, with Africa serving as a notable example. High infant mortality rates might have a role; when many kids don't live past the age of five, families need more than one child-bearer to remain financially stable.

Next comes war. Having more than one wife increases the population most quickly when a lot of males die. A male figure could form more military and political connections the more wives he had. The number of spouses a man had become a measure of his wealth and position. A bigger family became something to be proud of, while a smaller one became a failure and disgrace signal. In contrast, polyandry is a strategy for controlling population increase in societies when there are insufficient resources and too many people. No matter how many spouses a woman has, she can only have a certain number of children. These factors were frequently overtly political.

Were Politics an Influence on Polygamy?

It was a societal practice to marry widows in order to provide for orphans. The Prophet Mohamed married several of his additional wives—a total of nine—because they were battle widows. He was in a monogamous relationship for 25 years until his first wife passed away. The Koran permits a Muslim to wed up to four women, but only provided he is capable of providing for them all equally. Similar widow inheritance practices were common in many traditional African civilizations in order to preserve the extended family and its assets.

Other political figures have benefited from similar advantages throughout history. In Germany, the Nüremberg parliament ruled in 1650 that each male might wed up to 10 women because so many men had died in the Thirty Years' War. President Bashir of Sudan advised males to have many wives in 2001, stating that China and India's enormous populations were to blame for those countries' quick economic progress.

What Does Polygamy Have to Do with Religion?

Christianity views polygamy as an insult to the value of marriage and maintains that a man and wife must have an undivided, exclusive, and mutual love. However, Krishna, a Hindu deity, had 16,108 wives. Several of the older men in the Hebrew scriptures, such as Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon, practiced polygamy. Concubines were also acceptable in Confucianism, but only in order to produce an heir, not for sexual diversity. Marriages for pleasure, which are also expressly forbidden by the Koran, are common among Muslim males, yet many do not.

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Most Western nations are often astonished to learn that many people have many wives. But is it really so unusual, and may there be advantages for everyone? It's definitely feasible to understand how to be happy in a polygamous marriage. Understanding polygamous marriages go beyond merely being aware of their legal ramifications. In order for everyone to be happy, the structure and rules of equality must be established.

Being the second wife of your husband doesn't mean you are a second choice or that you have to go through struggles throughout. There are advantages to being the second wife in a family that many don't talk about. Keep reading to learn the benefits of being the second wife in a polygamous relationship.

Access to Proper Guidance

The first wife of your husband can be the guide you need to enjoy a smooth transition into the married lifestyle. Since she already has the experience, she can put you through what is expected of you, what to do, and what not to do. This will help you avoid mistakes on how to run the home and other responsibilities.

Sharing Chores and Child-Bearing Responsibilities

When pondering "how do polygamous marriages function?", collaboration is used as an apparent example. For instance, while juggling a full-time job, the women can assist one another with the kids.

A polygamous marriage may experience difficulties and jealousy as a result. However, one method to get around this is the possible sisterhood that can emerge. Being the second wife means you don't have to do it all alone as you will always have a companion around to assist you when needed.

Freedom from Social Rules

In certain nations, women now have more choices over their fertility and financial independence than they had a few decades ago. Whereas in the past men could have had several mistresses, divorce is now more often accepted in the Western world. This implies that everyone might have several relationships in their lives.

Whatever the case, having a mistress is deceptive, and divorce is emotionally damaging. Maybe managing everyone's expectations is simpler if polygamous marriage encourages a more open and honest relationship. Since society shouldn't dictate how we live, why should it? There are many different variations of living arrangements available nowadays in addition to polygamous marriage.

Being the second wife to a man that already has kids, you don't have to worry about childbirth or other things society expects from a woman. According to an NYU study, many spouses in the West want to live apart, which is the exact opposite of a polygamous marriage. But who is to determine what will work for you?

Security and Protection

Protecting oneself from a culture that is harsh on lone women is one of the key reasons for polygamous marriage. A polygamous family can also pool their resources and help one another. Additionally, they may count on a larger number of future offspring to contribute. Being the other wife gives you protection against the harsh cultural values of your society. 

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