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Even in America, ethical polyamory/polygamy and non-monogamy are gaining more acceptability and visibility. Along with this developing trend, more and more people are curious about polygamy weddings and how to go about putting one together.

As far as legality is concerned, there is some important information you should know regarding polyamorous or polygamous weddings. Unfortunately, for inspiration and guidance, there are very few resources. Here, we will briefly touch on a number of topics regarding polygamy weddings.

The Legality of a Polygamist Wedding

In America, in all 50 states, polygamy is illegal. These days, it isn't taken quite as seriously in Utah – but it is illegal throughout America, nonetheless. Even if you travel to a location in the world where polygamous marriages are legal, and somehow manage to marry all of your wives there, a legal marriage to each and every wife will not be recognized in America.

In many cases, in America, polygamists legally marry one wife. They then consider their other wives – or refer to them as – spiritual unions/mates. While "domestic relationships" with more than one person may be recognized in certain Massachusetts areas, legal marriage to more than one person still is not.

The Workings of a Polygamist Wedding

Most polygamists’ weddings, due to polygamy being illegal, have no legal backing but are, instead, "commitment ceremonies". No special privileges or rights are provided by these ceremonies, unlike legal civil unions or marriage. To "take the next step" in a relationship and formalize it, ceremonies such as these are, more or less, for the individuals involved in the relationship and their friends/relatives. It's a way to express their commitment.

Wedding Ideas for Polygamists

The wedding ideas for polygamists are, more or less, a mirror image of traditional, monogamous marriage ceremonies with minimal differences. Naturally, the person who will officiate the ceremony will have to be in agreement with the polygamist’s lifestyle. Additionally, anyone who is invited to the ceremony should be supportive.

Just like members of the LGBTQ+ community can have problems finding halls, officiants, cake makers, entertainment, etc. – once they've made it clear what type of relationship is going on – polygamists can run into the same problems.

It's up to the members of the relationship to decide whether or not they want to "come out" to the public and/or to the people/companies they need to work with in order to plan/go through with a polygamous wedding/ceremony.

Vows and Other Traditions

As with a traditional wedding, some polygamists choose to write their own vows. Each participant in the ceremony can recite a vow. There is also the option of a unity ceremony, in which all participants, more or less, recite the same vow together.

Any tradition that would ordinarily be observed at a standard, monogamous wedding can, for the most part, be incorporated into a polygamous ceremony. It all depends on the participants/guests, your venue, and more.

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Currently, polygamy in the USA is illegal. One of the 50 states – Utah – has toyed with the idea of removing polygamy from the list of federal offenses. For whatever reason, after that idea was successfully pursued, it was reversed, somewhat. Polygamy is now considered an "infraction" in Utah – something like a speeding ticket. But if the federal polygamy law can be struck down, even temporarily, what does that say for the future of polygamy in America?

Times are changing. The rights of individuals who wish to pursue a polygamous relationship may one day be supported by the striking down of laws prohibiting this alternate lifestyle.

Polygamists in America

It is estimated that there are between 50,000 and 60,000 polygamists currently living in the United States. The fact that polygamy is against the law doesn't seem to discourage everyone. Are polygamists routinely prosecuted? No, not frequently. Does that mean you don't have to worry about being prosecuted as a polygamist? It does not. Caution and discretion both go a long way toward keeping you and your family safe and free from prosecution or persecution.

Remember that, not too long ago, gay marriage was also outlawed. That has changed where many states/cities are concerned. It is not without its challengers, of course. In many ways, the rights of heterosexual, monogamous United States citizens are seemingly more of a concern to politicians than are the rights of other citizens of America.

Politics aside, if you're going to be a polygamist in America, there are some things you should know.

Legal Versus Illegal – Technically

Because being married to more than one person is still illegal in America, some polygamous relationships describe their relationship in a manner that is more legally acceptable. While a polygamist may consider himself married to all four of his wives (we are just using the number four as an example), he would likely technically be legally married to just one and consider the other's spiritual mates/unions – or something along those lines.

Mixing Sexual Preferences

Group relationships can exist as well, but once again, legal marriage to more than one person in the relationship would not be possible in America. For example, certain couples might be legally married: wife/wife, husband/husband, husband/wife. They may make the decision to cohabit with another couple. In their minds, though not legally, they are all married to each other.

Surprisingly, the 2003 Supreme Court ruling "Lawrence Versus Texas," protects such arrangements (though marriage of all participants to each other is still not legally recognized). This ruling stated: "Liberty presumes an autonomy of self which incorporates the freedom of expression, belief, thought, and certain intimate conduct." Proponents of polygamy insist that this would be a perfect argument for the legalization of bigamy/polygamy.

Rules and Practices

Today, a polygamous relationship is defined as one husband and two or more women. There are also relationships that specify one woman/wife and numerous husbands. This is referred to as polyandry. As stated above, there are also group relationships that can consist of all women, all men, all heterosexuals, all homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals – you name it – or a mixture of any and all.

The rules and practices of a specific relationship – polygamy included – should be derived through discussion and consideration of all parties involved. What works for one group/family of polygamists may or may not work for a different group/family.

Coming Out

Although laws and some opinions have changed drastically in recent decades, some individuals with sexual preferences other than the accepted and/or traditional (in America) are still afraid to "come out". They keep their sexual preferences under wraps because they are fearful of persecution, prejudice, abuse, etc.

The same can be said for polygamists. In addition to being technically illegal, a polygamous lifestyle could, potentially, open the door to prejudice, abuse, and other types of persecution. It is 100% up to the people involved in the relationship whether or not they will "come out" as being involved in a polygamous relationship.

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The topic of polygamy in the USA is indeed a hot one. For the most part, all 50 states remain committed to the criminalization of bigamy and, therefore, polygamy. Utah, however, has gone back and forth a couple of times since 2020. Currently, bigamy is once again illegal in Utah, but it is referred to as an "infraction" – similar to a speeding ticket.

Using a number of FAQs, here's a type of guide to polygamy in the USA. Keep in mind that the laws governing polygamy, bigamy, etc., and their enforcement, seem muddier than ever. That said, as of the writing of this piece, it is technically illegal in America.

Polygamy – What Is It?

The custom or practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time is referred to as polygamy. Two forms have existed, historically:

Polygyny: The practice or state of having more than one female mate or wife at a time.

Polyandry: The practice of having more than one male mate or husband at a time.

Is Polygamy Endorsed by the Bible?

Religion is a touchy subject. People believe different ideals and philosophies, engage in different practices, etc. Technically speaking, (per the Bible) God's original intention for marriage was made clear in the teachings of Jesus: One woman and one man. The tolerance of polygamy (and divorce) in the Old Testament, however, was – in theory – due to the "people's hardness of heart".

For Christians – Is Polygamy a Concern?

Once again, this is a question of religion and people view their “rules and regulations” differently, even within the same religion. There are Christians who believe that alternative lifestyles are not damning but, rather, those involved in them consider themselves devoted Christians.

Is Polygamy a Bona Fide Religious Practice?

Religious or not, in the United States, it's still illegal. On the other hand, in various parts of the world, polygamy is an accepted aspect of religion and/or culture.

Are Bigamy/Polygamy Laws Enforced Rigorously?

In most cases, particularly with polygamists staying just under the radar, the laws are hard to enforce. Many times, officials simply don't bother. Does this mean you can't be prosecuted if you knowingly engage in bigotry or polygamy? Unfortunately, you could be prosecuted if the laws don't change. A good attorney may be able to get the charges lessened or dropped, however, particularly in light of all the changes occurring in the United States regarding such laws.

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You may have seen TV shows about polygamy. It may, in fact, have even piqued your curiosity. What's it like to be married to more than one person at the same time? Are there actually benefits of polygamy over other lifestyles?

Unfortunately for polygamists, the practice of being married to more than one individual at the same time is still considered illegal in the United States. On the other hand, in various parts of the world, it is not only common but an accepted religious practice.

It is estimated that there could be between 50,000 and 60,000 polygamists currently living and practicing in America. Numbers are hard to come by because many polygamists fear persecution or prosecution, so they fly just under the radar.

Here's the thing… There is actually any number of benefits to polygamy, particularly over monogamous relationships. Don't believe that? Check out the following.

More Stability

A man can extend his genetic durability by choosing to have multiple wives. In nature, only 3% of mammals participate in established, dedicated couples. With several females, a male may copulate, in order to pass more of his genes on to prosperity.

An Expressed Mutual Agreement

The rules and patterns imposed by society can become routine and monotonous when a relationship is monogamous. Day by day, due to boredom and predictability, coexistence can become more conflicted and complicated.

Many people involved in monogamous relationships also end up being involved in cheating. Because mutual agreement is established in a polygamous relationship, conflicts decrease. All parties support, trust, and communicate with each other.

All Women Find a Mate

Potentially, every female can find a partner in a polygamous society. This even applies if there is a significantly lesser proportion of men in relation to that of women.

Solves the Problem of High Rates of Male Mortality

Polygamy can support population growth in countries with high male mortality rates, thus assisting with the area's reconstruction.

You Always Have Company

The benefits of polygamy can extend past the husband to the wives. The sister wives can share household chores and enjoy the company of other sister wives. Within a polygamous marriage, the burden on older women can be considerably reduced by younger women.

Receive Care Post-Retirement

If numerous descendants are a result of polygamy, once a father reaches the age of retirement, the children can look after him.

Increased Sexual Satisfaction

A man's sexual needs are more thoroughly and completely satisfied when he can have relationships with a number of women simultaneously. Rather than cheating on his wife, because he's in a monogamous relationship, a man who craves "more" can turn to another sister wife in a polygamous relationship.

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Why are some people motivated or inspired by quotes?

If you pose the question, "What inspires you?", you're likely to hear some individuals offer up what they feel is an inspirational quote. What is it about motivational quotes? Why do they inspire us? That will be examined here. In addition, however, some polygamy quotes will be presented.

What Motivates You?

Different people are inspired by motivational quotes for various reasons:

Primal Aspect: Biology could be at the root of the appeal of motivational quotes and how they affect you. Humans want to look up to leaders and role models and follow them. On a primal level, humans are affected by leaders and their words. The most gravitas is held by words from leaders that are recognized in the arts, politics, business, etc.

Power of Language: You've heard it before, there is power in words. People, in general, have an appetite for wisdom that is well expressed, be it motivational or something else. There is a direct correlation between effectiveness and phrasing – for worse or for better. For example, two quotes can say the same thing, but people are more drawn to the one that is rhyming.

Coaching Factor: The population of people who are inspired by motivational quotes is narrowed by a self-selection process. It can be a good incentive to try harder if you feel that someone else believes you can be successful. If your mentor, coach, or teacher believes you can do something, it's more likely to happen.

Polygamy in America

It is estimated that roughly 60,000 people in America today participate in a polygamous lifestyle. Specific numbers are hard to come by due to the fact that the practice is technically illegal in the USA. People like to fly under the radar so that they are not subject to prosecution or persecution. But polygamists are just as entitled to inspiration as anyone else. That's why some polygamy quotes will be included here, for inspiration and motivation. Once inspired and motivated, there's no telling the heights you can reach in your relationship(s).

Inspiration and Motivation Through Polygamy Sayings and Quotes

Note: Some of these have been minimally altered.

Elbert Hubbard: "Polygamy is the endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it."

Oliver Cowdery: "I will not be controlled, governed, or influenced in my temporal interests by any pretended relevant or ecclesiastical authority whatever, contrary to my personal judgment."

George Q. Cannon: "Children of polygamists, besides being brighter or as bright intellectually, are much stronger and healthier."

Brigham Young: "The only men who become gods… are those who enter into polygamy. Others… cannot reign as kings in glory…"

Bruce R. McConkie: "Obviously, after the second coming of [Jesus], the holy practice of polygamy will commence again."

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Compared to the standard idea of romance many individuals have been raised with, relationships classified as polyamorous can seem vastly different. Many people have been programmed to do a bit of dating, figure out who that "special someone" is, get married, have kids, and spend the rest of their life living “happily ever after” with that one person – and it works for any number of them. Even in this day and age, it can feel a little "taboo" being with more than one partner in an intimate relationship.

Truth be told, there's no shortage of people who would like to enter into a relationship that's polyamorous. Attitudes are quickly changing from the old-school train of thought. In a 2020 YouGov survey, roughly 33% of millennials said that, to some degree, the perfect relationship would be non-monogamous. (Just four short years prior, only 1/5 of the population that thought on those lines.)

Just because something is occurring more often, however, doesn't mean that people don't still have questions. In fact, the more common something is, the more misconceptions seem to surface. Let's look at a handful of myths regarding polyamorous relationships, and the actual truth behind them.

Only People Who Don't Want to Commit Enter Into A Polyamorous Relationship

Quite the contrary. The people in a polyamorous relationship are dedicated to each other. It can be, in fact, more complicated balancing these relationships than simply committing yourself to one person. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration including everyone's desires, needs, schedules, and more. That takes dedication and commitment.

Polyamorous Relationships Are All about Sex, Sex, Sex

Some people think that the polyamorous relationships equal one big orgy.

Are you likely having sex with more than one person if you're involved in a polyamorous relationship? Probably. But that doesn't mean it's all about sex. These are people in a relationship on an emotional, heartfelt level, as well as sexual. In fact, some don't involve much sex at all, if any.

Due To a Human’s Jealous Nature, Long Term Polyamory Can't Work

Is jealousy something that people in a polyamorous relationship sometimes have to deal with? Absolutely. But it's up to the mature adults involved in the relationship to deal with it appropriately, openly, and honestly.

You’re at a Higher Risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases If You’re Polyamorous

It's always best to play it safe – like a mature, responsible adult should. STD testing should be in place, and safe sex practices are always recommended. It's important to let your partners know about any condition you may have. Openness and honesty are both crucial aspects of a relationship. Polyamorous people are no more at risk for STDs then are other people out in the dating scene.

Only People Who Are Afraid of Commitment Are in Polyamorous Relationships

As mentioned earlier, a polyamorous relationship is a committed relationship. All partners are devoted and dedicated to each other on an emotional, heartfelt level.

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Where any relationship is concerned, one of the most complex issues can revolve around finances and money. If you are in a polygamous marriage, it can be even more difficult. Depending on any number of factors, finances can be handled differently. Does the husband live with more than one wife in multiple households? How many children are involved? Is there a primary relationship/partner that is prioritized?

Some husbands like to keep their finances to themselves while others are happy to share not only financial information but the obligation of "bringing home the bacon" with their wives. The financial arrangements in any polygamous marriage can be as unique as any and all other aspects of a relationship such as this.

Various Means of Support

As with any person, couple, or relationship involving multiple people, there are a number of ways that financial situations can be figured out. Some financial solutions include the following:

• The husband works one or more jobs

• Husband and wives all work outside the home

• Husband and only one wife work outside the home (here, other wives would be tasked with all childcare, housekeeping, indoor/outdoor home maintenance, etc. responsibilities)

• Children of legal employment age may choose to get part time jobs so they have their own spending money (or can contribute to the family finances)

• Offering in-home childcare/babysitting may be an option in some cases (other families drop their children off at your home so they can go to work, shopping, to social engagements, etc.)

• Numerous stay-at-home jobs are available today, as long as you have an Internet connection, computer, and/or phone

• Applying for government assistance

Saving Money Where You Can

The more frugally a family lives, the better their chances are of being able to make ends meet. The same can be said for basically any family unit, or even a single person living on their own. Cutting back on unnecessary spending will be extremely helpful.

Having a "family fund" – into which everyone contributes as often as possible – can also come in very handy in emergencies, for unexpected bills, for vacations, etc.

At the very least, the problem of childcare costs should be nonexistent, with so many wives capable of sharing household/childcare responsibilities.

Finances For Multiple Households

Polygamists who choose to live in multiple households – as opposed to everyone living under the same roof – can face any number of financial challenges.

Living apart will undoubtedly be more financially trying than if everyone simply lived together in the same building/home. Utility bills, home insurance, property taxes, mortgages/rents, etc. add up quickly when multiple homes are involved. You can add to that the cost of indoor and outdoor maintenance (e.g., plumbing repairs, roof replacements, lawn care, etc.). If a husband has to travel from home to home… to home, that's another added expense.

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What does it mean to be ethically non-monogamous? Depending on who you're talking to, it could mean the following:

Among the people you're having a romantic relationship with, you have an agreement. In a sexual sense, they're not the only person in your life, and vice versa. You may take as many lovers as you choose, and the same goes for them.

If you are involved in a lifestyle such as this, you may have been questioned by any number of people, "What about jealousy? Doesn't anyone get jealous?"

Does jealousy have a place in relationships that are non-monogamous? If it arises, how can it be dealt with? Let's face it, you don't have to be non-monogamous to experience jealousy in a relationship. How to deal with this emotion is something that needs to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Openness and honesty are crucial.

There are some important lessons that can be learned about jealousy, courtesy of a non-monogamous relationship. Here are some of them.

Everyone Experiences Jealousy and That's All Right

In the wide range of emotions experienced by most humans, jealousy is simply one on the list. In some cases, it's hard not to experience it. If you feel pangs of jealousy, don't let it sneak up on you. Admit to it and deal with it as appropriately as possible.

Jealousy Can Be Very Deep Rooted, Psychologically

The roots of your jealousy may go deeper than you think. Some of the underlying causes discovered by researchers include humiliation, paranoia, insecurity, shame, and possessiveness. When jealousy arises, it's important to work through feelings by first recognizing why they are occurring.

"Compersian" Is the Opposite of Jealousy

Does jealousy have an opposite? It does, in fact, and it's referred to as compersion. In this case, what would normally trigger jealousy in some people leaves the person feeling turned on, loving, and/or positive. Example: You hear that last night your lover had sex with someone else. You find it pleasing and/or pleasurable.

To reach this state – rather than jealousy – self-care, self-work, and open, honest communication are crucial. You also need to figure out why you're jealous, as referred to above (the root of the emotion).

Jealousy Can't Be Simply Forced Out

It's all well and good to decide, "Well, I'm simply not going to be jealous!" Unfortunately, it seldom works that way. Jealousy may still rear its ugly head even for people who have consciously, purposely chosen to live non-monogamous lives. It's hard to quell such a strong emotional reaction sometimes.

Don't make jealousy worse by refusing to recognize (and deal with) it.

Your Feelings Are Valid

Just knowing you shouldn't be feeling jealousy doesn't mean that, if you do, it isn’t valid. If you experience an emotion, it's real. On the other hand, that doesn't mean a violent reaction to jealousy is okay. It is not. Your jealousy may not be based on logic but, rather, feelings. Recognize the feelings, and try to deal with them on a mature, honest level.

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Do you believe that relationships with more than one person at a time are not only acceptable, but preferable? If you believe in seeing more than one person at a time, you may be ready to explore an ENM relationship and non-monogamous way of life.

A lifestyle involving ENM – ethical non-monogamy – simply means the following:

Among the persons you're having a romantic relationship with, an agreement exists. In a sexual sense, they're not the only significant other in your life, and vice versa. You may take as many lovers as you want to, and so can they.

You may need to get a handle on the emotional and practical complexities that could lie ahead before you completely delve into and enjoy the freedom an open relationship can bring. Here are some tips.

What's Acceptable Versus What Isn't

Even in this day and age, many people stick with a monogamous lifestyle because that's what they were raised to believe was acceptable and correct. Back in 2017, roughly 21% of people asked admitted to having engaged – at some point in their life – in some type of consensual non-monogamy. If you'd like to explore a non-monogamous lifestyle, you may appreciate some pointers. Here they are.

Plan for Non-Monogamy's Practicalities

Be sure to talk about expectations and boundaries, whatever the number/nature of your relationships. This includes discussions related to acceptable behavior, allocation of time, shared space, and more.

Have a Full Understanding of Jealousy

Jealousy happens. It is a human emotion. The best way to handle jealousy is openly, honestly, and refusing to let it fester. If you have feelings of jealousy, or someone in the relationship does, it should be discussed and acted upon maturely and in an expeditious manner.

Proceed With Care If You're Already in a Relationship

If you're in a monogamous relationship and are considering an ENM way of life, you'll want to make sure that the person you're currently with is on board. If, that is, you’re planning on them being included in your future. To weather any turbulence that may arise, you're going to need good communication skills. Listening and nonjudgmental sharing are key.

A Valid Monogamy Alternative Is Non-Monogamy

ENM individuals live their lives and pursue relationships with honesty, accountability, and consideration.

Know This: It Is Entirely Possible To Love More Than One Person At One Point in Time

Unfortunately, some people think that non-monogamous relationships are all about sex. People involved in this lifestyle can and do have heartfelt, meaningful, open, and honest relationships. They are all completely devoted to one another, in many cases.

Getting to Know Other ENM People

One of the best ways to get to know other people involved in – or who want to be involved in – non-monogamous relationships is through dating sites, matchmaking services, etc. Your best bet, for finding others who are like-minded, is to talk to the representatives of Sister Wives.

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Before we hand out any advice or start discussing what it's like to be the first wife, second wife, etc. in a polygamous marriage, we must stress the following:

In any polygamous marriage or other relationship where more than two people are involved, the rules, stipulations, agreements, etc. are up to the individuals involved within the relationship. Everything should be agreed upon ahead of time before entering into a relationship with anyone, but this is particularly important when the entire relationship revolves around more than two people. Schedules, boundaries, and more must be discussed and agreed upon.

Example: In some polygamous marriages, the first wife is assigned to certain duties. In other relationships, wives share the duties equally or as assigned/agreed upon (e.g., housekeeping, childcare, cooking, laundry/ironing, etc.).

With all of that said, let's take a look at what being the second wife in a polygamous marriage entails and some thoughts on it.


Unfortunately, jealousy is a human emotion that can rear its ugly head in any relationship. Hopefully, before you entered into a relationship where polygamy was going to be involved, you sat down with yourself and had a serious talk. Jealousy, if not dealt with appropriately, can make or break any relationship – particularly where more than one wife is concerned. If you find yourself harboring feelings of jealousy, in expedited fashion, discuss them with your partners openly, maturely, and honestly.

Second Wife Versus First Wife

It is not at all uncommon for the second wife in a polygamous marriage to feel like they are playing "second fiddle" to the first wife. "He chose her first so he must love her more." This is an unhealthy outlook. The man should be equally loyal to all sister wives and comparing yourselves to each other won't help anyone.

On the other hand, the first wife may have insecurities of her own and feelings of inadequacy. "I wasn't enough for him, so he had to look elsewhere." Again, jealousy can throw a wrench into a polygamous marriage and should be dealt with quickly, honestly, and appropriately.

Second Wife Perks

As the second wife, what kind of perks do you have? Well, you may have more opportunities to focus on things like the family relationship, work, and school because you will likely be sharing the responsibilities around the house with other sister wives (not to mention, sexual obligations).

Dealing with The Position

The position of second wife may be harder for some to deal with than for others. She may need a greater deal of inner self work as the second wife in a polygamous marriage, having to navigate one's life plan, accordingly, figuring out healthy relationship skills, navigating insecurities, etc.

It's important that you try to think of "second wife" as less of a label and more a reference to the fact that you are part of a large, loving, and committed family. When it comes to emotional connotations and baggage, it is never healthy to label one's self or others. Focus on your identity as a wife in a loving marriage and your identity as an individual.

Are You Looking for Perspective Wives For a Polygamous Marriage?

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