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What does it mean to be ethically non-monogamous? Depending on who you're talking to, it could mean the following:

Among the people you're having a romantic relationship with, you have an agreement. In a sexual sense, they're not the only person in your life, and vice versa. You may take as many lovers as you choose, and the same goes for them.

If you are involved in a lifestyle such as this, you may have been questioned by any number of people, "What about jealousy? Doesn't anyone get jealous?"

Does jealousy have a place in relationships that are non-monogamous? If it arises, how can it be dealt with? Let's face it, you don't have to be non-monogamous to experience jealousy in a relationship. How to deal with this emotion is something that needs to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Openness and honesty are crucial.

There are some important lessons that can be learned about jealousy, courtesy of a non-monogamous relationship. Here are some of them.

Everyone Experiences Jealousy and That's All Right

In the wide range of emotions experienced by most humans, jealousy is simply one on the list. In some cases, it's hard not to experience it. If you feel pangs of jealousy, don't let it sneak up on you. Admit to it and deal with it as appropriately as possible.

Jealousy Can Be Very Deep Rooted, Psychologically

The roots of your jealousy may go deeper than you think. Some of the underlying causes discovered by researchers include humiliation, paranoia, insecurity, shame, and possessiveness. When jealousy arises, it's important to work through feelings by first recognizing why they are occurring.

"Compersian" Is the Opposite of Jealousy

Does jealousy have an opposite? It does, in fact, and it's referred to as compersion. In this case, what would normally trigger jealousy in some people leaves the person feeling turned on, loving, and/or positive. Example: You hear that last night your lover had sex with someone else. You find it pleasing and/or pleasurable.

To reach this state – rather than jealousy – self-care, self-work, and open, honest communication are crucial. You also need to figure out why you're jealous, as referred to above (the root of the emotion).

Jealousy Can't Be Simply Forced Out

It's all well and good to decide, "Well, I'm simply not going to be jealous!" Unfortunately, it seldom works that way. Jealousy may still rear its ugly head even for people who have consciously, purposely chosen to live non-monogamous lives. It's hard to quell such a strong emotional reaction sometimes.

Don't make jealousy worse by refusing to recognize (and deal with) it.

Your Feelings Are Valid

Just knowing you shouldn't be feeling jealousy doesn't mean that, if you do, it isn’t valid. If you experience an emotion, it's real. On the other hand, that doesn't mean a violent reaction to jealousy is okay. It is not. Your jealousy may not be based on logic but, rather, feelings. Recognize the feelings, and try to deal with them on a mature, honest level.

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Do you believe that relationships with more than one person at a time are not only acceptable, but preferable? If you believe in seeing more than one person at a time, you may be ready to explore an ENM relationship and non-monogamous way of life.

A lifestyle involving ENM – ethical non-monogamy – simply means the following:

Among the persons you're having a romantic relationship with, an agreement exists. In a sexual sense, they're not the only significant other in your life, and vice versa. You may take as many lovers as you want to, and so can they.

You may need to get a handle on the emotional and practical complexities that could lie ahead before you completely delve into and enjoy the freedom an open relationship can bring. Here are some tips.

What's Acceptable Versus What Isn't

Even in this day and age, many people stick with a monogamous lifestyle because that's what they were raised to believe was acceptable and correct. Back in 2017, roughly 21% of people asked admitted to having engaged – at some point in their life – in some type of consensual non-monogamy. If you'd like to explore a non-monogamous lifestyle, you may appreciate some pointers. Here they are.

Plan for Non-Monogamy's Practicalities

Be sure to talk about expectations and boundaries, whatever the number/nature of your relationships. This includes discussions related to acceptable behavior, allocation of time, shared space, and more.

Have a Full Understanding of Jealousy

Jealousy happens. It is a human emotion. The best way to handle jealousy is openly, honestly, and refusing to let it fester. If you have feelings of jealousy, or someone in the relationship does, it should be discussed and acted upon maturely and in an expeditious manner.

Proceed With Care If You're Already in a Relationship

If you're in a monogamous relationship and are considering an ENM way of life, you'll want to make sure that the person you're currently with is on board. If, that is, you’re planning on them being included in your future. To weather any turbulence that may arise, you're going to need good communication skills. Listening and nonjudgmental sharing are key.

A Valid Monogamy Alternative Is Non-Monogamy

ENM individuals live their lives and pursue relationships with honesty, accountability, and consideration.

Know This: It Is Entirely Possible To Love More Than One Person At One Point in Time

Unfortunately, some people think that non-monogamous relationships are all about sex. People involved in this lifestyle can and do have heartfelt, meaningful, open, and honest relationships. They are all completely devoted to one another, in many cases.

Getting to Know Other ENM People

One of the best ways to get to know other people involved in – or who want to be involved in – non-monogamous relationships is through dating sites, matchmaking services, etc. Your best bet, for finding others who are like-minded, is to talk to the representatives of Sister Wives.

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Before we hand out any advice or start discussing what it's like to be the first wife, second wife, etc. in a polygamous marriage, we must stress the following:

In any polygamous marriage or other relationship where more than two people are involved, the rules, stipulations, agreements, etc. are up to the individuals involved within the relationship. Everything should be agreed upon ahead of time before entering into a relationship with anyone, but this is particularly important when the entire relationship revolves around more than two people. Schedules, boundaries, and more must be discussed and agreed upon.

Example: In some polygamous marriages, the first wife is assigned to certain duties. In other relationships, wives share the duties equally or as assigned/agreed upon (e.g., housekeeping, childcare, cooking, laundry/ironing, etc.).

With all of that said, let's take a look at what being the second wife in a polygamous marriage entails and some thoughts on it.


Unfortunately, jealousy is a human emotion that can rear its ugly head in any relationship. Hopefully, before you entered into a relationship where polygamy was going to be involved, you sat down with yourself and had a serious talk. Jealousy, if not dealt with appropriately, can make or break any relationship – particularly where more than one wife is concerned. If you find yourself harboring feelings of jealousy, in expedited fashion, discuss them with your partners openly, maturely, and honestly.

Second Wife Versus First Wife

It is not at all uncommon for the second wife in a polygamous marriage to feel like they are playing "second fiddle" to the first wife. "He chose her first so he must love her more." This is an unhealthy outlook. The man should be equally loyal to all sister wives and comparing yourselves to each other won't help anyone.

On the other hand, the first wife may have insecurities of her own and feelings of inadequacy. "I wasn't enough for him, so he had to look elsewhere." Again, jealousy can throw a wrench into a polygamous marriage and should be dealt with quickly, honestly, and appropriately.

Second Wife Perks

As the second wife, what kind of perks do you have? Well, you may have more opportunities to focus on things like the family relationship, work, and school because you will likely be sharing the responsibilities around the house with other sister wives (not to mention, sexual obligations).

Dealing with The Position

The position of second wife may be harder for some to deal with than for others. She may need a greater deal of inner self work as the second wife in a polygamous marriage, having to navigate one's life plan, accordingly, figuring out healthy relationship skills, navigating insecurities, etc.

It's important that you try to think of "second wife" as less of a label and more a reference to the fact that you are part of a large, loving, and committed family. When it comes to emotional connotations and baggage, it is never healthy to label one's self or others. Focus on your identity as a wife in a loving marriage and your identity as an individual.

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Before we explore the lifestyle of the first wife, second wife, etc., in a polygamous marriage – or give out any advice – one thing must be made perfectly clear: 

The specifics of any relationship, including a polygamous marriage, are up to the individuals within the relationship itself. Though there may be a widely agreed-upon set of "rules" for relationships of a certain type, the people involved in those relationships must agree on boundaries, schedules, and other relationship specifics ahead of time. As an example: Just because one polygamous relationship specifies that there are duties a first wife must perform, that does not mean every single polygamous relationship must follow those rules.

With all of that said, let's examine the first wife in a polygamous marriage.

Permission to Marry

Is permission from the first wife needed for a man to marry the second wife?

Many believe that, for a polygamous relationship to work out successfully, the first wife's knowledge of a prospective second marriage and her permission are desirable. If you are the first wife, and your husband wants to pursue a second marriage, discuss it with him openly and honestly. Depending on your relationship "rules", he may or may not go ahead with the marriage if you do or don't approve. Be open minded and as mature as possible about the prospect.

First Wife Versus Second Wife – Jealousy

Jealousy is a human emotion that is sometimes hard to avoid. Even in a polygamous marriage, where all parties have agreed on this specific lifestyle, jealousy can happen. Though the first wife may have consented to their husband marrying someone else, they can sometimes struggle with feelings of jealousy and the impression that he is "cheating" on her.

It's not uncommon for second wives to feel insecure, constantly comparing themselves to the first wife. They may feel the man has more loyalty toward the first wife because they were second in the relationship.

It's important for all the wives involved in a polygamous marriage to feel equally loved and important in the relationship.


Once again, we can't stress enough that the following may or may not apply to your specific guidelines where a polygamous marriage is concerned. In some cases, however, there are certain duties assigned to the first wife including cooking, and/or housekeeping, and/or childcare, etc. All of the wives may also contribute to childcare, housekeeping, etc., as defined by each unique relationship agreement.

Legal Marriage

Currently, in the United States, it is not "legal" to be married to more than one woman. If there is a polygamous relationship, and the man considers himself married to all of his wives, and actual "legal" standing may only apply to the first wife (if they were legally married). The others would simply be considered additional relationships, by law.

Whether You're the First Wife, the Second Wife, or…

One of the most important things to remember in a polygamous relationship is that, for it to succeed, all parties must act maturely and always be ready and willing to discuss things openly and honestly.

No matter how many wives are involved in a polygamous marriage, in some manner, they must all get along at a certain level. Before entering into a relationship such as this, you must make sure you understand any and all rules, expectations, duties, etc.

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If you are currently in a relationship or if you are single and considering various types of non-monogamous relationships, you may be wondering about the following scenario: poly marriage versus open relationship. Are they one and the same?

Though there are many kinds of non-monogamous relationships, polyamory being one, there are distinct differences between relationship types that fall under the umbrella term of non-monogamous. When it comes to polyamory, what distinguishes it from open relationships is the fact that those involved in a polyamorous relationship are romantically connected, committed, and devoted to each other. This is not simply a "go ahead" for an open relationship. Far from it, in fact.

A Basic Comparison

For clarity, let's do a very basic comparison between an "open relationship" and a "polyamorous relationship".

• When, to more than one person, an individual is committed emotionally and romantically, they are said to be in a polyamorous relationship. These are loving relationships.

• Open relationships, on the other hand, are very often about little more than sex and/or dating. There may be one primary relationship between two people, and one or both of them has "permission" to date and have sex with others. The primary relationship remains in place.

Polyamory and Marriage

The legality of polyamorous marriage, at least in the United States, is still relatively cut and dried. You can be legally married to one person and one person only, at this time.

A man having more than one wife may be legal in other locations throughout the world, but in America, it's still technically illegal. The best you can hope for, in America, is to be legally wed to one wife, while the others will be considered extramarital relationships, by law.

Is an extramarital affair illegal? Though, in the past, they were considered illegal, today, enforcement of laws pertaining to adultery, etc., are rarely enforced. In fact, they're considered unconstitutional by some courts.

So, though you may not be able to be legally married to more than one woman, you may not have to worry about being prosecuted for being married to one and living with many women.

Are You Opposed to Commitment?

If you are opposed to commitments, or being committed to more than one person, you may be more suited to an open relationship. As referred to earlier, an open relationship can involve a devoted relationship between two people, with permission for one or more of them to have sex with/date others. It can also refer to one person who simply wants to date (or have sexual relations) freely, without commitment to anyone in particular.

Any way you look at it, the type of relationship you're interested in should be made clear to the person you're considering having a relationship with. Whether it's an open relationship, a semi-committed relationship, a polyamorous relationship, or what have you, it's crucial that all parties be consenting adults and in agreement with any "rules" that may apply to the relationship in general (or to each party concerned).

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Thanks to websites like Sister Wives and others, interest in polygamy has increased. If you're curious about or considering a polygamy relationship, you may be wondering about living arrangements.

Is there a "typical" picture of a polygamous family? Each polygamous marriage, though sharing some of the same attributes, is as unique and individual as the people involved in it. There is no one right or wrong way to run a polygamous marriage, other than the need for everyone involved to be in agreement with the lifestyle and to be as open, honest, mature, and willing to communicate as possible.

One question that arises frequently from people not currently involved in polygamy is that of living arrangements. Do all the members of a polygamous marriage live together?

How Big Is Your Family?

For starters, with the relationships you can currently view on TV – where there are three wives, four wives, etc. – everyone living together may not present much of a problem. But in marriages that involve a significant number of wives – let's say a dozen or more – living together could prove to be challenging, to say the very least. For starters, the house itself would have to be massive!

The living situation for a polygamous marriage can be determined in the same manner that all other stipulations, rules, boundaries, familial/household duties, etc. are determined – it is discussed between the members of the family and a suitable arrangement is arrived upon. Here are some thoughts about living separately or together as a polygamous family.

Sharing Responsibilities

In many cases, one of the biggest perks of everyone living together is that the household chores, family/childcare, and more can be shared among all the wives. This allows more time for each woman to focus on things other than kids and housework – themselves, for example. A little self-care goes a long way.


Living apart is likely more financially taxing than everyone living together in the same residence. Utility bills, mortgages/rents, home insurance, property taxes, etc. add up quickly when multiple homes are involved. Not to mention indoor and outdoor maintenance. If a husband has to travel between homes, that's yet another expense.

Dealing with Feelings

Separate residences may help if jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, etc. have been experienced among the sister wives. They may not want to share a space with someone else if emotions are running high. It could also boil down to something as simple as one wife not caring for their kitchen, living area, laundry, etc. in the manner in which another wife is accustomed or prefers. Everyone has their own idea of how a home should be run and how it should look.

Bringing Children into the Picture

Emotional considerations are only further complicated when children are in the picture. Polygamist men, as much as possible, want to have their families together in many cases.

Just like some wives can't seem to coexist with each other, however, some children from different mothers may not be able to exist harmoniously in the same household.

Together but Separate

In some situations, it may be possible for a polygamous family to live together, yet separately, to an extent. Take for example a building that has a common kitchen/living room, but separate quarters for “couples” throughout the rest of the building.

Another possibility is that of a large apartment building, where each “couple” has their own apartment and never has to deal that closely with each other, unless they so choose. They’re in very close proximity, but they can still have lives/homes of their own.

Either of these could be an agreeable solution to a polygamous family unit that finds they need their own space on a frequent basis.

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Is gay relationship polyamory right for you? Is polyamory within a gay relationship even a real concept? Actually, there is an infinite spectrum when it comes to polyamory. So, it should come as no surprise that gay relationships can partake in the polyamorous lifestyle.

Is there a right way and a wrong way for those in a gay relationship to explore polyamory? As with any relationship, the rules and ideals followed are up to the individuals themselves. There is no wrong. There is no right.

Let's look at some basics when it comes to polyamory and gay relationships. With the following information, you may be able to decide if polyamory is right for you.

What Is a Polyamorous Relationship?

Those involved in polyamory approach dating, love, and romantic relationships in a non-monogamous manner. With more than one person at a time, they can be romantically involved, with all parties having given consent.

Are there rules? The rules of any relationship are defined more by the people in them than by any kind of "label" attached to the relationship itself. Polyamorous can be defined as one person with multiple partners, throuples, a primary partnership that also includes others, and more. The specifics and possibilities are relatively as limitless as the people involved.

The thing to keep in mind is that these relationships are, indeed, devoted/committed and romantic. Polyamorous relationships should not be confused with "open" relationships. Typically, outside of a primary partnership, people have sexual encounters and/or dates with others in an open relationship. Again, commitment, devotion, and romantic involvement are all part of polyamorous relationships.

Gay or Straight – Does It Matter?

A polyamorous relationship is, more or less, a polyamorous relationship. As long as it has the above-stated characteristics, the gay or straight aspect doesn't really matter all that much. If there will be both male and female participants, this would, of course, need to be agreed upon ahead of time. That would likely classify the relationship more as bi than flat out gay or straight.

These are labels, however, and labels are becoming less and less appropriate – no matter what kind of relationship you're in or who you prefer to have your relationships with.

Not Meant As a "Fix"

What you shouldn't do is pursue polyamory as a "fix" for a relationship that is or is becoming broken. This is not a means of repair. It is a lifestyle that consenting adults pursue involving committed, loving relationships between multiple partners. It is not a "go ahead" for an open relationship.

Though the rules you set up within the relationship will apply to your unique situation and each person individually, they must be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time for the relationship to work. As stated earlier, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to pursue a relationship, as long as all parties are in agreement and it works for everyone.

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Before you can explore ENM dating, you have to know what it means. ENM stands for ethical non-monogamy. What that boils down to is being involved in a relationship that is romantic and dedicated – but with more than one person at a time. In other words, multiple romantic relationships. Each person in the relationship(s) is in agreement and has given consent.

A number of relationship types can fall under this umbrella term – think polygamy, polyamory, etc.

Are there rules? When it comes to non-monogamy in an ethical manner, the rules are relatively loose. The people involved in a defined relationship will likely live by their own set of rules. The look of the relationship dynamic should be agreed upon ahead of time, after being discussed with the people involved.

Tips for the Beginner

If you are new to ENM dating, here number of steps to consider taking to introduce yourself to the lifestyle:

• Do some research and self-examination to make sure that multiple relationships will work for you.

• Seek out others who are either looking for multiple relationships or, even better, can fill you in on the basics. Someone who's been there and has successfully pursued ENM relationships could be a priceless resource right about now.

• Seek prospective individuals for a relationship – possibly through a dating site. Make sure the dating site is well reviewed, trusted, etc.

• Always make sure you are 100% honest with anyone you intend to pursue an ENM relationship with.

• Remember these types of relationships are committed and romantically based. Keep in mind, as well, that those not involved in these types of relationships may be somewhat disapproving and/or judgmental. You may experience some backlash from friends, relatives, and others.

• The situation could be further complicated if you're already in a committed relationship. In that case, see the next section.

Please keep in mind that a step-by-step guide to any kind of dating is a relatively ridiculous concept. For each and every person, dating is different. Throw in the fact that there will be multiple people involved, and you bring in even more differences, opinions, ideals, etc. ENM dating – as with any kind of dating relationship – should be handled on a person by person, individualized basis.

Introducing ENM Dating To an Existing Relationship

Though this may or may not fly with your current partner, if you want to introduce the concept of ENM dating to them, here are some steps to consider taking:

• Self-reflection should be your first step. Make sure this is what you want before talking about it with your partner.

• See that your expectations are realistic. This is the kind of discussion that may not go over well with everyone, your partner included.

• The time and place for your discussion should be carefully thought out and planned. This is a topic that will be emotionally loaded, so you may want to avoid a scene in public.

• In the conversation, outline what your expectations, intentions, desires, and more are – for not only the talk you're having, but for your future.

• Listen carefully to what your partner has to say. You want them to be open-minded, but you need to be open to their feelings as well.

• Recognize the separation between your individual needs and the needs of the relationship.

• Help your partner out by giving them resources to become better acquainted with the relationship you're talking about and give them time to process the situation. How much time? That will depend on your partner.

Ready to pursue an ENM relationship?

Loving More Than One Wife at a Time

If polygamy is a way of life you want to consider, and now you're ready to commit to it, we, at Sister Wives, can help.

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Including ethical non-monogamy (ENM) and monogamy, there are numerous kinds of relationship styles in existence. As an example, one method through which to participate in ethical non-monogamy is referred to as being solo polyamorous. What does that mean? If you practice solo polyamory, you don't necessarily mesh the lives of your partners with other partners, though you have relationships with multiple people.

Let's explore this further and, by doing so, you may be able to decide whether or not this lifestyle is right for you (and your partner or partners).

Solo Polyamory

If you're having intimate relationships with a number of people, solo polyamory refers to each of you living a single life, despite the numerous relationships you're involved in. You may also hear the term solo poly. People involved in this relationship don't all necessarily have children with each other, marry each other, share finances, live together, etc.

Any number of individuals who consider themselves a solo poly believe that commitment to one's self is most important – they are their own partner. They do they not identify as a member of a polyamorous pod, “throuple”, or couple.

On the other hand, a solo poly person may not be in a romantic relationship at all.

Might the Solo Poly Life Be for You?

If the following apply to you, you may want to give solo polyamory a shot:

• The importance of your romantic relationships mirrors the importance of your friendships. They are equal.

• Rather than focusing on a romantic relationship, you'd rather focus your efforts on your own mental health, career, hobbies, and personal growth.

• The "relationship escalator" is not of any interest to you. You do not wish to live with a partner, marry, etc.

• You believe that your primary commitment is (or should be) to you, yourself.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

To further drive home the impression that a solo poly lifestyle is for you, a little self-examination is needed. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you find it appealing to live a traditional lifestyle involving the "relationship escalator"?

• How does a romantic relationship feel and look in your mind?

• Compared to other types of relationships, is a committed romantic relationship something you receive “more” from, in some manner?

• With a life partner, are you interested in having children? No children?

• Do you want marriage? What are your values where marriage is concerned?

There is no wrong or right answer to any of the above-stated questions. Over time, in fact, your answers may well change. The answers will, however, help you gain better insight as to what you're all about, what you want out of a relationship, what you see for yourself in the future, and more.

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If you find yourself tending toward romantic relationships with more than one person at a time, you may well be polyamorous – or polyamory would be a good lifestyle for you to consider. What, exactly, does polyamory consist of? Polyamory is the act of having romantic relationships with multiple individuals. Whether or not you choose to become openly polyamorous may depend on whether you feel you’ll be accepted.

People who are involved in a polygamous or polyamorous way of life may try to fly under the radar due to the fact that monogamy seems to be normalized by society more than anything else. You may be hesitant to admit that polyamory would be a good fit due to this same set of circumstances.

If, however, you have feelings for more than one person at one time, or you feel that monogamous relationships trap you, polyamory may be your best bet.

Let's look at specific signs that point to you fitting into a polyamorous way of life/relationship more so than one that is monogamous.

Commitment Issues

Have you been told, possibly by an ex, that you "have commitment issues"? Maybe it seems daunting, the idea of committing to one person. If you're worried that you'll lose dating freedom if you commit to a single relationship, polyamory may be your preferred lifestyle.

Monogamy Is a Trap

If you feel completely trapped by monogamy, you might be polyamorous. It's not surprising you feel trapped if someone has told you, in no uncertain terms, "We're going to be monogamous or we are not going to have a relationship at all."

At One Point in Time, You Have Multiple Romantic Interests or Crushes

Should it really feel odd or abnormal to love more than one person at once considering that humans have an infinite amount of love to give? Many people believe that emotional, devoted attachments can be possible between a number of people, at the same point in time. These people may be well suited for polyamorous relationships.

"Feel Free to Date Others"

If you've said the above to a partner, but you truly cared about that partner, you will probably function well in a polyamorous relationship. You understand you can love someone but still be comfortable with you or them being in a relationship with someone else, too. That's what polyamory is all about.

Ready for a polyamorous relationship or polygamy?

Polygamy Dating For Polyamorous Individuals

If you are polyamorous and would like to pursue a polygamous marriage with a number of sister wives, we can help introduce you to others who are in the same boat. With videos, profiles, chat opportunities, and more, Sister Wives can help you locate not only other polygamists, but prospective future wives.

If you would like to become a sister wife, we can be of assistance there as well. See what others have to say about our service on our Blogs.

Perhaps you’d like to become more familiar with the lifestyle. Consider attending our activities and events to associate with others who have chosen polygamy. You may find you have more in common than you thought.

To find out more, please contact us today. Fill out and send in our convenient online form, and we'll be in touch. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. 

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